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183 – High attack of heaven!

Chapter 183: The high attack of heaven!

Watching Qiandu being swallowed by the three-eyed ice toad in one gulp, Lin Canghai became frantic.

Although he knew that Qiandu must have been well-prepared, as it was her who pushed him away.

But what if something unexpected happens?

He just tried with his own sword, it was impossible to pierce through the toad’s seemingly soft but tough as a thousand-year-old golden silkworm belly.

Although Lin Canghai wasn’t using his most precious Break Sway Sword, but the sword in his hands was still one of the good swords that he carefully selected from tens of thousands——

What if it’s impossible to puncture the toad’s belly?

What if Qiandu suffocated inside?

What if——

Anything could happen inside of the toad’s belly.

Worst of all, after the toad swallowed Qiandu, it felt an extremely satisfying feeling of fullness.

It gave two loud, satisfying belch, before it twisted around and with long, rapid strokes of its huge webbed feet, darted through the water to the depths of the lake for a good sleep to digest it’s food.

“Don’t you dare leave.” Lin Canghai roared, clasping his sword and dashing toward that toad.

No matter what, he must intercept this stinky toad and make it stay here. Before Qiandu returned, he must make it stay within his line of sight.

The toad had no intention to fight; hearing a huge voice bellowing behind him, not only did it not come to a stop, but it slipped away faster.

Lin Canghai fumed and raised his sword high.


A red scythe flame cut through the water waves, roaring towards the toad’s butt.

He swung out, sword after sword.

Each time, a red scythe blazed out, swirling into a battle formation with one behind the other. Its intersection at the beginning resembling a giant red cross.

Cross Scythe Slash!

The water pressure at the bottom of the lake was enormous, the temperature icy-cold, but still did not affect the speed or power of that scythe like flame.

Sweeping away all obstacles, in the pitch-black lake bottom, a red passageway formed, slashing over and over again at the toad’s butt.

“Croak——” A cry of anguish burst from the toad’s mouth.

“Croak, croak, croak——”

It cried nonstop until it eventually disappeared in the boundless black lake.

The waves gradually subsided, and the pond fell into utter silence once again.

The entire underwater world returned to an expanse of darkness. Even someone like Lin Canghai, a high level cultivationist, through his skilled use of ‘Heavenly eye’, could only see as far as one meter.

“That Toad——” Lin Canghai was anxious and angry. Using the ‘sound waves technique’, he tried to lure the toad out. If the toad disappeared, that meant Qiandu will also disappear. Without the toad, everything was in an uncontrollable state. When Qiandu needs his help, he can’t save her.

He must create some huge movement and activity to force that toad hiding in a dark, sheltered place to come out in the open.

“Toad, come out here——come out for Grandpa——”

Lin Canghai shouted till his voice was hoarse, but the toad showed no response.

Evidently, it has been injured by the two sword attacks and is recovering from the injury at the depths of the lake.

Lin Canghai wandered around the black water for a while until he eventually became impatient.

He swung out his sword, a scythe-shaped flame hurtled towards the depths of the cold lake, like a fire dragon in the bottom of the lake.


Dragon Dance.


The fire dragon ran into a solid object and then instantly exploded.

The waves rippled up and down, Lin Canghai also followed moving up and down as the waves passed him.

On the surface of the lake, roaring waves surged, lifting towards the sky, almost as though seeking to crush the endless waterfall.

“Toad, come out now——”

Lin Canghai continued to thrust out his sword repeatedly.

Every slash of his sword was followed by a roaring fire dragon that momentarily lit up the dark underwater world, before it disappeared without a trace.

He almost turned mad.

If Qiandu was really buried under the cold pond, how could he go back and explain to those people? Will those that have ulterior motives frame him for deliberately murdering Sister Wang?

If the situation became out of control, it most likely would provoke a war between the two countries.

This is something that Lin Canghai did not want to see.

“Toad, come out here and receive your death, come out here——”

As though it heard Lin Canghai’s cry or was enraged by Lin Canghai’s attitude.

The waves were splashing and lapping at each other as it rumbled towards his direction. Lin Canghai used the body holding technique to stay fixed to the centre of the lake and not be carried away by the currents.
At the bottom of the pitch-black lake, the toad’s three blood-red eyes suddenly popped open at face-level with him. In particular, the third eye on its forehead, which had no pupil, looked like a huge hole filled with blood.

Then, the toad’s huge physique appeared, waving its huge flippers and charging toward Lin Canghai.

The waves slammed down, yet Lin Canghai did not evade nor hidel. Instead, he stood glued to the spot.

The sword in his hand flashed a cyan light. The instant the toad came close, he thrust his sword forward.


A vast blue explosion stretched a one-meter-long blue sword Qi to several metres away. The giant blue sword obscured the sky, like it was on the verge of slicing the whole lake into two.

The high attack of heaven sword!

Each sword stroke was able to slash immortals and destroys deities.


With a wide sweep of the long cyan sword, the dark lake was sliced into two parts.

For a split second, the lake looked like a piece of meat being severed, dividing horizontally into two equal parts that the water above couldn’t run down and the water below couldn’t flow up.

In the centre a fissure appeared, a blue wide gap.

The fissure flashed, before the two layers of water merged together again.


The sword qi exploded at the bottom of the lake, forming a giant cyclone that thundered toward the toad charging into him.


The toad turned frantic.

It opened its wide ferocious mouth, swallowing the cyclone sword in one mouthful.

The cyclone exploded, causing its belly to swell to the size of a hill and then instantly recovered to its previous state.

Having suffered such a serious injury, it grew more ferocious and terrifying than before, its three eyes growing a more intense blood-red.

The third eye carefully aimed at Lin Canghai. When the blood-red colour inside rapidly spun, and abruptly, the whole eyeball jumped out, shooting out like a sharp arrow. 那


The eyeball exploded, the red blood flooded towards Lin Canghai and within several hundred metres radius of him.

All the blood that came into contact with the water emanated a cool misty air as it turned to a terrifying dark-green colour.

Three-eyed ice toad had cultivated for thousands of years to acquire its third eye.

The third eye is its essential pill, and it is the sea of qi that it uses to accumulate energy.

It was unknown what kind of resentment it has against Lin Canghai, that it would shoot out its third eye like that to destroy Lin Canghai——

When Lin Canghai realised the toad fixed its aim on him, he already knew it was preparing to use its killing move.

He slashed a vertical strike with his sword, slicing the water current, before his body darted out like an arrow.


He thrashed around in the water as the deep green poison crept up from behind him.

Just as the toxic fluid was about to corrode his feet, he swung up his sword in a backhand slash.




A huge black water wall suddenly popped up in front of his path, blocking off the toxic stench. 一

By the time Lin Canghai could safely stand still, he found that the soles of his feet were already stained with the green poison and his boots had begun to corrode.

“Disgusting fellow.”

Lin Canghai hurriedly kicked off his boots, standing bare feet in the depths of the lake.

He looked at the three-eyed ice toad far away and came to notice that the toad was not chasing him anymore.

He was unaware of what sort of pain it was suffering, simply watched its body rolling up and down in the middle of the lake.

It let out an anguish croak with its huge mouth opened wide and stretched out its short feet, like there was something it wanted to expel out of its belly.

When it came to realise that it was useless, it began to slam itself against the craggy rocks in the lake.

It used its increasingly bulging belly to pounce onto the pointy edge of the boulders, as though it was trying to use the sharp ends to cut open its belly.

A suicidal attack.




Repeatedly clashed against it.

The toad did not puncture its own belly, instead the huge rocks were smashed into several pieces. Chucks of rocks dropped after another, as if the entire lake world was on the verge of collapse.


The toad’s cry became increasingly painful and the slamming more and more intense.
The whole underworld world was rumbling, as though the entire Broken Mountain would soon split open from its slamming.




Again and again, till death.
Suddenly, the three-eyed ice toad’s movement came to an abrupt stop.

It silently lied down on the surface of the lake, staring blankly at its protruding belly growing larger and larger. As though a baby was inside and was growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Becoming a calf, becoming a wicked tiger, become a giant bear, becoming a hill, becoming a mountain——


As far as the eyes could see, flesh and blood splattered in all directions. The red thin blood blurred Lin Canghai’s eyes.

The toad’s belly exploded.


The toad faintly let out a final miserable cry.

Watching its stomach burst open, it unexpectedly felt a sense of relief like freeing itself of worldly worries.

It powerlessly shut its eyes, like an elderly permanently going to sleep.


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