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IDS – 209

Second chapter of the week!


Edit: Would help if I placed the link xD


Chapter 209


Also important news : I’ve abandoned the paypal system of donating for extra chapters in favour of patreon. This is most due to greater transparency, ease of use and better reward system.

Please check it out below – but please don’t feel the need to pledge! Just reading the novel and leaving comments is enough to make me happy 😀


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  1. Thanks 😀..

  2. yea! the chapter 209! i go see now :3

  3. *fetches previous imaginary Like button*

    *re-SMASHES previous imaginary Like button*

  4. Just checked your pateron and noticed that in the tier rewards list it states that for a withered glory cultivor($20) you get early access to 4 chapters($25), while starry sky cultivor only get 3.

  5. Just went to your pateron account, and noticed that in the tier list that the $20 tier says that you get access to 4 chapters while the $25 tier says it gives access to 3 chapters.

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