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467 – Unwilling

Chapter 467: Unwilling!


With his eyes hollowed, the thick flesh and blood, and his face covered all over with blood, he looked tragic and terrifying.

Coupled with his extremely anguished wailing, it was simply as though an evil spirit had descended to earth.  

Chu Xun was a well-known handsome youngster in the capital city, he was equally famed for his appearance as the Song family’s jade tree, Song Tinyun, the warm jade Gongzi, Song Tao, as well as the celestial being of the Moon, Zhang Chuzhi, and the naturally handsome third son of Defense General Cheng Youda, Chen Bi. But unexpectedly today, his eyes were gouged out and directly crushed. He was not given with any possibility of restoring his eyes, and had become a pitiful and extremely ugly blind man.

This was simply more difficult for Chu Xun to accept than severing his head with a sword.

The scene that took place was too sudden and swift, too sinister and bizarre, that everyone present were utterly horrified by the sight.

No one expected that Lu Xingkong would suddenly do something like this, and that he would have no chance to react——

Given Lu Xingkong’s status, as well as his power and cultivation realm, if he wanted to attack a younger junior, even if the junior had the title of ‘genius’, there was most likely no chance for the junior to resist at all.

Besides, ever since Li Muyang’s appearance, it had been discovered that the ‘geniuses’ that people often mentioned had become fish that cannot be shown on stage.

You say you’re a genius then are you going to defeat a West Wind Sword God, too? Are you going to kill an Old immortal of Still water?

“Lu Xingkong, you old thing——”

“Lu Xingkong, I’m going to tear you apart——”

By the time Chu Xun could respond, it finally came to him that he wanted to take revenge.

He swung his hands to grab Lu Xingkong who was just standing in front of him, but grabbed empty air instead. Lu Xingkong had already returned to his original position.

Chu Xun had lost his eyes, and before he could adapt to the change, he already wanted to kill and to retaliate. He constantly lurched forward, until he bumped into his father Prince Fu.

“Chu Xun——Chu Xun——”

Prince Fu Wang held onto his son tight, shouting loudly: “Chu Xun, Chu Xun, calm down——Chu Xun, father will certainly avenge you——”

Chu Xun refused to listen, desperately struggled, and pushed his father away to find Lu Xingkong for revenge.

Unfortunately, he had no idea where Lu Xingkong was.

Prince Fu firmly hugged onto Chu Xun, preventing him from doing stupid things in rage, while turned to face Lu Xingkong and roared, “Lu Xingkong, you old dog, you dare to hurt my child, I will not rest until you die——”  

After gouging out Chu Xun’s eyes and crushing them, Lu Xingkong seemed like nothing had happened, still standing there expressionless and said calmly in response to the roar of Prince Fu: “Little Prince said it himself, if Li Muyang is not a dragon, he is willing to stab his eyes as discipline. I was afraid that Little Prince could not do it himself, and was even more afraid that Little Prince would lose his credibility and would be criticised, so I helped out——Prince Fu you do not have to be polite with me. It’s nothing.”

“Lu Xingkong, you deserve to die——” Prince Fu grunted, gnashing his teeth. Looking at the miserable condition of his son’s eyes, Prince Fu came to his senses right away.

He knew that his son Chu Xun had repeated provoked and angered that old dog Lu Xingkong. Therefore, Lu Xingkong, no matter what, wanted to gouge out Chu Xun’s eyes in front of the Emperor and the many civil and military ministers.

He not only wanted to retaliate against Chu Xun, he wanted to kill the chicken to warn the monkey, let the people who had bad intentions towards the Lu family know that——that he, Lu Xingkong, could do anything.  

Ever since the Still water sword school had repeatedly attacked Li Muyang, and the Old immortal of Still water Mu Dingyi had personally delivered a letter of challenge to Li Muyang, the Lu family had been pushed to the forefront where the wind and the waves are the fiercest. Every time there was a danger of the family being destroyed, every time there was a risk of the clan being wiped out.  

Chu Xun’s attack could only be said to be untimely. When Li Muyang had achieved victory against Mu Dingyi of Still water sword school, the might and power of the Lu clan had reached the peak. Chu Xun had not only untimely jumped out to say that Li Muyang was a dragon, but also persuaded people to perform tests on Li Muyang. Therefore, Lu Xingkong, who had been on the edge of erupting finally flipped out and dug out Chu Xun’s eyeballs.

It was in this way that he proved to all the people of the Kingdom that he, Lu Xingkong, was not easy to push around and that he dared to do anything.

At the thought that his son had become the chicken to ‘warn the monkey’, Prince Fu was trembling uncontrollably from pain.  

Lu Xingkong cast an indifferent glance at Prince Fu, saying: “Since Little Prince is suffering from an eye disease, which caused him to mistaken a fellow citizen to be a dragon, then what is the use of his eyes? Isn’t it better to pull them out early to prevent trouble? Don’t Prince Fu think so?”

“Lu Xingkong——” Prince Fu clapped one hand on Chu Xun’s back, sending over essential qi to help him ease the pain, while glowering at Lu Xingkong. “Do you know what you’re doing?”

“I know what I have done is bound to give create animosity between Prince Fu and I, but, Little Prince had repeatedly went too far, pushed people to the point of death——Is he not afraid of others holding grudges? Prince Fu, Even Bodhisattva also has limits. I, Lu Xingkong, has been in the military all my life, I also have dignity and face. You father and son has incessantly been giving me a slap in the face, yet you do not allow me to retaliate a little?”

“Destroying someone’s eyes is a little retaliation?”

“What else could it be?” Lu Xingkong sneered, “in front of your Majesty, I cannot behead Little Prince on the spot——after all, it’s not appropriate to be discourteous in front of the Emperor.”

“Interesting, really interesting——” Prince Fu’s eyes were flashing fiercely, and his voice was as sharp as an ice blade. “Lu Xingkong, you really are an interesting person.”

Prince Fu turned to look at Chu Xianda: “Brother, Chu Xun is your nephew. Lu Xingkong had committed a violent act in front of you, do you not want to show your stance? Where is the law? Where is imperial power?”

“Prince Fu——“ Chu Xianda’s eyes flickered back and forth between Lu Xingkong and Prince Fu, hesitating: “About this matter, Chu Xun made a mistake first. The child doesn’t know what’s important, and made a mistake in saying that he would stab his eyes if he is wrong. Although Defense minister went out of place in attacking, but——a promise is a promise——”

“Hahaha——” Prince Fu burst into wild laughter, before he shouted in fury: “Elder brother, this is your principle of doing things? Is this your love for your clan and you family? Is this the majesty of the Emperor? Ridiculous, it’s ridiculous.”

“Prince Fu——” Chu Xianda snapped. “Nonsense, do you know what you’re doing? Do I need you to dictate what I do?”

“Elder brother, I don’t dare to. It’s just that I am unwilling.”

“Unwilling?” Chu Xianda’s face grew gloomy. “In life, who can be successful in whatever they do? Who hasn’t suffered a bit? Do you think only you, Prince Fu, is unwilling?”

“Elder Brother——”

“Go.” Chu Xianda bellowed his command in a cold voice, “Bring Chu Xun back. Get a person to help watch him, without my permission, do not let him go out of the Royal Palace.”

“Hahaha——” The blinded Chu Xun laughed wildly.

Pointing to Chu Xianda, pointing to all the people behind Chu Xianda he roared at the top of his voice, “You people, all of you, will die, and you will die under the claws and breathe of the dragons——You foolish human beings, an evil dragon is in front of your eyes, but you turn a blind eye. Yu don’t even dare to try what only takes only a few incantations to determine——You will be a disgrace to humanity, you will become sinners of the human race.”

“Chu Xun, are you out of your mind?” Chu Xianda snapped. “Go back, take him back.”

“You will be a disgrace to humanity, you will become the sinners of the human race——Hahaha, you will be a disgrace to humanity, you will become sinners for destroying the human race——”

“Chu Xun——”

Prince Fu held Chu Xun back from doing anything disobedient because of his emotional agitation.

He dragged Chu Xun back, urging: “Let’s go home, let’s go home——”

Prince Fu was extremely regretful.

If had known earlier, he would have refused the suggestion made by Chu Xun on the spot. How could there be dragon in the Divine continent? Knowing that there were no dragons, why did he have to suggest the tests? As a result, the old thing Lu Xingkong, who was infuriated because of this, and made it possible for the plan to be altered or fail. The consequences were simply unthinkable——

“Lunatic.” On the Star gazing platform, Song Chenxi’s little face was crossed with astonishment. “Chu Xun really, how would there be dragons in the Divine continent now? There are clearly no dragon in this world, but he had repeatedly humiliated Li Muyang, it is no wonder that Grandpa Lu was so angry——”

“Chenxi——” Song Tao said helplessly. He knew that his Little sister and Li Muyang had a really good relationship, and that boy had used some unknown method to make his little sister speak for him all the time despite only meeting once. There was not a single person in the entire Song family that liked Li Muyang. So, her abnormal stance——made the two brothers feel awkward.

If it were other people, they would had scolded them already. But she was their precious little sister?”

“I didn’t say anything wrong.” Song Chenxi mumbled. “

She sniffed, exclaiming all of a sudden, “Ah, it smells good, it’s the aroma of plum blossom——”

In the sky, there was a long line of countless pink plum blossom petals coming in this direction.

Fluttering, dancing and spinning, the petals swathed the sky above the entire Sword God Square sky.

A cool breeze passed by, the beautiful fragrance hit the nose, and everyone felt intoxicated.

A huge figure had emerged in the sky.

“Who says that there are no dragons in the world?” An old voice resounded across the sky and landed deep in everyone’s eardrum, as if it was blowing up in the head. Nobody felt any piercing pain but it was incomparably clear, like an unforgettable voice.




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