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IGE – 066 – The second booklet

“This old guy, is he a pervert? Although he is doing me a favour, but who can withstand being tortured like this everyday?”

After using his qi to heal his injuries, he silently cursed in his heart.

He returned to his own room, and was about to rest when he suddenly saw in the middle of the stone table, there was a blue little booklet. It should not be something that came along with the dormitory, this was…

“Could it be something that was left behind by that old guy?”

Ye Qingyu wondered what it was.

The little booklet did not have a label, and seemed to be a thin journal that was handwritten. The writing on it was slightly disarrayed, covered with tiny characters. Occasionally there would be some diagrams of the human body scrawled into a  mess. Only through severe concentration could one make out what was written.

Ye Qingyu flicked through several pages, slowly realising that it should be a cultivation recording regarding how to consolidate more yuan qi kindlings for further Spirit springs.

Regarding the information and mantra, Ye Qingyu had actually researched a lot about this topic in the public libraries. He had already achieved a basic understanding into this subject so he had already decided to attempt to excavate the second Spirit spring within the next few days.

But the technique within this booklet, was far more profound and complete than what he had gleamed from the libraries. Especially some eccentric teachings contained within, it seemed that it went against common sense and was something that Ye Qingyu had never considered before. But with his insight and perception, after scrutinising it and visualising it, he knew that these techniques were absolutely possible. Moreover it would lead to a better result with less effort. It was a brilliant method.

“If I follow the method outlined in this book to train, the speed will increase considerably!”

Ye Qingyu read over this booklet several times in detail, confirming that the information contained within was valid. He decided to follow the method outlined by the booklet as the cultivation method he would use to excavate his second Spirit spring.

At this time, the sun was already gradually setting in the west.

Ye Qingyu went to the canteen for dinner and on the way there, he did not bump into any familiar faces. Everyone was second year students, and he completely did not recognise any of them and simply returned back to his living quarters, training in confinement.

Within the little courtyard.

“The first Spirit spring has already been excavated but the second Spirit spring is by far not enough. Within the Spirit spring stage, I must make preparations for future success. I must construct a stable foundation for my martial path while I am in this stage.”

Ye Qingyu had a determined will.

His inner yuan activated, the surrounding air currents changed and yuan qi of Heaven and Earth began converging onto his body.

Following the instructions in the booklet, he stimulated his inner yuan. Strands upon strands of yuan qi entered into his body, following the meridians into his four limbs and bones, and in the end, arrived into the dantian world.

The dantian world in the human body, was endless and without boundary. This was the key attribute of the yuan qi martial path. Ye Qingyu could already observed within using inner vision the dantian vision so he chose to consolidate the second yuan qi kindling a hundred thousand miles away from the first Spirit spring.

A large amount of yuan qi of Heaven and Earth was being gathered.

Time passed minute by minute.

Because he had already had previous experience, this time consolidating a yuan qi kindling for Ye Qingyu, could be said to to drive a lightweight chariot on a familiar road.* Following the method in the booklet to consolidate yuan qi, his speed was even greater and the inner yuan being refined was even purer.



The fact that Azure Phoenix academy and White Deer academy was going to open up the [Boundary canyon battlefield], and would undergo a grand competition, very quickly spread through the entire White Deer academy.

For the entire White Deer academy, this was undoubtedly a large affair.

In this time, the students of Azure phoenix academy were both arrogant and provocative. There had already been many students from various years that had been incited and were enraged. There were an unknown number of small scale private duels that had already occurred but the overall result was not positive.  They were in an extremely poor state of affairs.

In reality, such a battle record was very normal.

Firstly, the rankings of Azure phoenix academy in the rankings of the ten academies was originally much higher than White Deer academy. They were also situated in a much more wealthy location, along with rich resources. They had a more advantageous  area, so therefore talented people would be born in large numbers. The students that had come in this visit, were all children that were chosen from tens of thousands of people. In comparison, the retaliation of the White Deer student was chaotic and disorganised. Even if they evidently knew they were not the opponents of the Azure phoenix students, they would still go onto the arena and challenge. Loss was a natural consequence.

Such a result had a significant impact on the morale of the students of White Deer academy.

And as the matter grew larger and larger, and this event spread throughout the other regions in Snow country, this would undoubtedly create an negative influence. It would cause the already steadily deteriorating White Deer academy to be placed into an even worse position, and only able to make progress with great difficulty.

Under such a scenario, an official competition using the [Boundary canyon battlefield] was decided.

In these two days within White Deer academy, there were unceasing discussion that was passed on from student to student.

The topic that caused the students to intensely speculate and debate, was naturally the choice of competitors for this grand competition. Many White Deer academy students hoped to wipe away their shame and disgrace with the [Boundary canyon battlefield] by winning one round. Who had the qualification to represent the academy and enter the battle, was a question that many people placed great importance on.

According to the rumours from both parties, there would be a total of five battles between the two academies within the [Boundary canyon battlefield]. The specific rules was that the first four battles would be fought according to the years of the students and the last battle was that the two academies would choose the students which had the best performance and make them fight the last battle.

In a moment, there were violent winds and scudding clouds.

Every student of every year, began guessing the strongest students in their year that would be chosen.

As it was said, battles using words was hard to determine but winner of fights are easily decided*. Who possessed real strength, this was basically evident through training, sparring and during cultivation. The five geniuses that would be chosen from each year, was already short listed.

Of course, everything would have an unusual occurrence.

What everyone was expectantly waiting for, was this unusual occurrence.

As time passed, there were even people who created betting platforms. They gambled on which people of every year would be able to enter the battlefield, gambled on which year had a greater chance of victory, gambled on which student would have the best performance in the [Boundary canyon battlefield], gambled on whether White Deer academy was able to win one round out of the five rounds, gambled…

Of course, there were very few people who placed their wager on the outcome of overall victory.

Even the most crazy self confident White Deer students, did not believe that White Deer academy would be able to obtain the final victory in this grand competition. The difference between these two academies was too large, with the average level of strength different greatly.

This grand competition also disturbed the various forces and organisations within Deer city.

On the surface, the White Deer academy represented the glory of the entire Deer city and the entire Deer mountain range. No matter whether it was a commoner or a noble or a soldier in the city, they all hoped that White Deer academy would not lose too badly.

Hidden currents moved.

Various forces began acting.

The Azure phoenix students had been far too conceited. As the saying goes, the powerful dragon crossing the river must not oppress the local snake. In addition, the truly powerful dragon was the number one ranked academy in all the ten academies, Huining academy and not Azure Phoenix academy.

So therefore when facing a common enemy, the army within Deer city and the Deer mountain range all displayed a rare unity in opposition towards the same enemy. It was said that the army had already allocated several high class Spirit weapons and these weapons were in the midst of transport to be temporarily used by the White Deer academy. The city leader office and the noble organisation, were also willing to lend out their families’ Spirit weapon…

Everything, was to be able to fiercely beat the people of Azure Phoenix.

Even if they were not able to obtain the overall victory, they needed to teach a memorable lesson to the people of Azure Phoenix academy.

In such a atmosphere, the White Deer academy was unprecedentedly bustling. Too many students had placed there attention on the matters concerning the grand competition, and the lessons of the academy had grinded  to a stop. Even the teachers of the academy huddled in a group to discuss this competition, causing the students to become even more disinterested in training.

But Ye Qingyu remained alone within his living quarters all this while, training to his utmost efforts.

In reality, calling it solitary training would not be entirely correct.

Because everyday, as the sun was about to set, the old guy would appear at this time.

This entire process did not allow for any explanations as to why Ye Qingyu was beaten. No matter whether Ye Qingyu was begging or whether he was cursing, the final result was that he would be convulsing on the floor, his entire body filled with swollen lumps.

Ye Qingyu still could not understand, how he had manage to irritate this old fellow. Previously, within the Grievance hall, this old guy had also appeared inexplicably. They did not know each other at all from before…

Thankfully, his rate of training did not slow.

The second day, Ye Qingyu had finally managed to consolidate a yuan qi kindling and planted the second yuan qi kindling within the dantian world.

For him, this was a major breakthrough.

That day in the evening, after the old guy had appeared and gave Ye Qingyu another thorough beating, the Ye Qingyu who had just returned to his room, found another blue booklet…”

“Beginner’s [Boundary canyon battlefield] tactics analysis and exploration?”

Seeing the name of this booklet, Ye Qingyu’s eyes brightened.

The information that he obtained from the public libraries, was not detailed or comprehensive enough at all. Especially information concerning the [Boundary canyon battlefield]. It was extremely sketchy and did not go into deep details regarding this battlefield.

Ye Qingyu had also utilised the nameplate Wang Yan had given him to secretly enter the martial libraries of the third year and fourth year. He still could not find a satisfactory answer. Who would have thought today, in such a small booklet, the information would fall down from the sky in from of him.

Only through reading a few pages, Ye Qingyu was sure that this booklet absolutely came from the same hands as the previous booklet regarding cultivating yuan qi kindlings. No matter whether considering the writings or the diagrams, it was in disarray, covered with undecipherable handwriting that could barely be understood.

“Could it be something that old thing has left behind again?”

Ye Qingyu silently guessed.

But he had never seen that old guy enter his room.

He pondered this in his heart, but very quickly, Ye Qingyu became completely immersed within the contents of this booklet. The contents of the little booklet describe and explained the [Boundary canyon battlefield] in such detail that apart from making Ye Qingyu gasp in shock, it also expanded his horizons.

He had never thought, that this [Boundary canyon battlefield] would be so incredible. No wonder it was the cradle that had trained and nurtured the human race for thousands of years, developing warriors, armies and even War Gods.

Finishing the last page, Ye Qingyu could judge that just this act of creation by the Emperor Luoso, was an integral part in allowing the human race to survive on, in the war of the thousand races.



*do something routinely and with ease


I had some trouble translating this, but after reading several pages of explanations, seems to have finally figured out the meaning behind it. If you have a better translation, please feel free to correct me.




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