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IGE – 067 – Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors

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In the blink of an eye, there was only one day till the grand competition.

The final list of White Deer academy students that would participate in the battlefield was announced on the stone mirrors of each year. What was also announced, was the list of Azure Phoenix students that would enter.

The two academies both chose from the entire four years of students. In total, twenty genius students would enter the [Boundary canyon battlefield and undergo the fierce battle within.

Ye Qingyu’s name, appeared in the list of five of the first year of White Deer academy section.

It seemed like head teacher Wang Yan had in the end, accepted Ye Qingyu’s request.

Even though Ye Qingyu had already entered second year already, this was only something that occurred during the last ten days. His strength had already received the widespread recognition of the public through the previous incidents so such a decision did not cause too big a debate.

Apart from Ye Qingyu, the people that were able to enter the first year list was Qin Wushuang, Song Qingluo, Song Xiaojun and Xia Houwu.

Of these four people, the selection of Xia Houwu caused some debate and discussion. After all, this noble student did not perform too well within the monthly examinations and had been completely dominated and suppressed by Ye Qingyu several times already, making his reputation fall to the very bottom.

But since this list had already been announced, it was obvious that the higher ups of the academy had already made their decision. Even if it was not justified, there was no way to change the list anymore.

What made many commoner students sigh in regret, was the fact that if Yan Xingtian had not disappeared, then he absolutely had the right to enter the list of five. At that time, he could definitely make the commoner students proud, it was a pity…

Apart from this, the list for the second, third and fourth year were also announced. The people selected were naturally the movers and shakers of their years, including people like Bai Yuqing, Jiang Xiaohan, Han Shanghu, Han Xiaofei…

Ye Qingyu stood under the stone mirror, carefully examining the list.

What made him slightly perplexed, was that in the third year list, he was able to see a name called Blue Sky.

“Blue Sky? It seems  that’s the name of the young teacher leading our group during the first wilderness training…” Within Ye Qingyu’s mind, a sudden image of the young person with blue hair, having an unreliable grin on his face and was instantly a little confused.

Wasn’t Blue Sky someone who was a teacher?

When did he suddenly became a third year student of White Deer academy?

Could it be that the higher ups of White Deer academy had cheated  and mixed in some teachers with great strength into the student body, wanting to make a comeback and win a round at least? This did not seem too likely; Azure Phoenix students were not idiots, as long as they investigated they would easily be able to make things clear. If that fact that White Deer academy had cheated was spread out, this would become an bare and naked scandal.

This was really strange!

Ye Qingyu thought carefully, but temporarily could not think of an explanation.

But Blue Sky’s terrifying strength had left a deep impression on Ye Qingyu. If he was to go out and fight during the third year battle, then White Deer academy must win?

In contrast to this, on the announced list of Azure Phoenix academy, Ye Qingyu only recognised one person. It was the person that he had met in the public library, staring at each other. That person was deeply imprinted within Ye Qingyu’s memory . The young man called Xu Ge was very frightening.

And this Xu Ge, was only a first year representative of the Azure Phoenix academy.

Looking at the names that he did not recognise nor understood, Ye Qingyu had a premonition, that this grand competition for White Deer academy, would be incomparably tough.

On the way back his living quarters, Ye Qingyu was stopped by a young teacher, bringing him towards the group battle preparation area.

“There’s such a thing as a group preparation battle area?”Ye Qingyu was slightly shocked.

“Fighting within the [Boundary canyon battlefield], is not the same as fighting in a normal battle. There are some preparations that must be done, especially for first year students who has never entered into such a battlefield before and doesn’t understand the situation. In a while there will be teachers specialising in the [Boundary canyon battlefield], that will explain and teach the way of how to fight, the terrain within and so on…”

The young teacher lead the way and patiently explained to Ye Qingyu.

In the time they were speaking, they had already passed through the second, third year areas and reached the centre of the fourth year area. Walking through a long waterside pavilion,  the young teacher’s footsteps finally stopped, facing a large building in the centre of the lake.

“Enter, the teachers are waiting for you inside.”

The young teacher pointed to the entrance.

“You’re not going to enter?” ye Qingyu casually asked.

An envious and longing expression appeared on the face of the young teacher. “Right now, I don’t have the requirements to enter [Ascending heaven pavilion].”

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

He lifted his head to look. Sure enough, above the large building at the centre of the lake, a blue board with golden characters was suspended imposingly. The three words, Ascending heaven pavilion, was as if written from the hands of a devil or a god. There was a loftiness that seemed as if it looked down upon the world, making a person vaguely feel, that as long as they entered this building, they could ascend into the blue skies.

“Thank you.”

Ye Qingyu said a word of thanks, then entered into the building.

In the instant he stepped past the entrance, the vision in front of him changed greatly. The lighting suddenly grew dim and what was in front of him, was floating stone statues of deities and underneath him was the floating stone tiles. From far away, there were the twinkling of the stars, as if he had appeared in the space of the universe…

An illusion?

Or was it a small world created by formations?

Ye Qingyu continued to walk forward step by step and very quickly, he could see a massive rock plaza. As he followed the stone tiles and came to the plaza, he saw underneath a massive stone statue, there were tens of people. In the crowd were Song Xiaojun, Song Qingluo and the others, and also around ten old elders with snowy white hair and beards.

“You are the last one. Good, everyone has arrived now.” The voice of Wang Yan sounded out, the figure of the head teacher of the first years walking out, indicating that Ye Qingyu should stand with the crowd.

This should be the true higher ups of the academy and the elite that was about to participate in the grand competition?

Ye Qingyu estimated in his heart. Standing next to a Song Xiaojun that was stealthily waving at him, he did not say anything.

On the other side, was the number one genius of the first years, Qin Wushuang. Compared to his previous atmosphere of not showing joy nor anger on his face, after losing to Ye Qingyu, this noble young master had suddenly became a sword that was sharpened, emitting an overbearing and oppressive aura.

Ye Qingyu’s gaze casually considered the people around him, then his eyes landed on the huge statue.

It was a hundred metre high sculpture of the Formation Emperor Luoso. Vivid and lifelike, it towered majestically over the plaza, as if it was a mountain, giving people a stunned sensation as if bearing witness to a deity.

By the side, one of the higher ups had already begun lecturing in something. The majority of the students listened seriously. Clearly, such a opportunity, even for fourth years student were hard to obtain so even they were enthusiastic.

Within the crowd, only two people were distracted.

The blue haired Blue Sky, lazily reclined against the stone steps often yawning. He seemed to have no interest whatsoever in the words of the higher up lecturer, not disguising his boredom  and inattention at all.

The elders of the White Deer academy, seemed to have already gotten used to such a sight. They did not even give a glance to this fellow who did not abide by the rules.

The other person who was distracted, was Ye Qingyu.

His attention, was placed on the sculpture of the Formation Emperor Luoso.

Looking at the statue, Ye Qingyu remembered the legends of the three Sovereigns and Five emperors.

It was a history that told the story of the suffering of their race, but it was also a story of an inspiring and tragic hero, and how he became this hero.

Legend had it, that the human race came from a placed called the Blue Water domain —-it was an extremely unnoticeable domain within the ten thousand domains. A very long time after the Blue Water domain was born, it was completely separated from the other domains. They had no natural enemies, and was on the top of the food chain, flourishing for a long time.

Afterwards, people unintentionally managed to break through to break through the edges of the Blue water domain and leave this domain. They found out that outside, there were even vaster and more mysterious domains, and came into contact with the Fiendgod race.

In this contact, the human race came with friendly intentions but what received them was an apocalyptic extinction and the fate of being enslaved. As the Blue Water domain started to grow and open its fangs, it entered into the world of the thousand domains that were ruled by the law of the jungle. The human race that ruled over all in the Blue Water domain, suddenly faced a unprecedented disaster that could drive their entire race into extinction.

The Blue Water domain became a purgatory hell that alien races held gluttonous feasts in.

And in the next few thousand years, the human race within the Blue Water domain, became one of the intelligent races that were sold as slaves. During this time, keeping human slaves became a type of fashion within the strong and noble races of other great domains. The human race were displaced from their homeland, their fate held in the hands of others. Suffering unimaginable torture and humiliation…

The human race was nearly driven to extinction.

This type of situation, only changed for the better along with the rise of a genius of the human race, called Luoso.

Formation Emperor Luoso.

This human genius that seemed to born from thin air,  using incomparable talent and determination, combined the learnings of the human civilisation along with the martial path of the different races. He created the formation civilisation – a civilisation that could truly threaten the many different races.

Luoso’s path of formation stunned everyone, even at the very beginning. Through his power alone, he slaughtered the invaders of the many different races in the Blue Water domain, regaining the Blue Water domain and shocking the other races.

Afterwards, experts of the human race began to rise. Within the human slaves that had drifted to the other domains, there were many people with extreme talent. After thousands upon thousands years of pain and suffering, it seemed that even fate could bear this no longer. Within a hundred years, the human races flourished and gushed geniuses, with several Supreme existences being born…

A variety of cultivation and battle techniques, gradually began to be created.

Through the harsh suffering, the human race had finally found a cultivation path suitable for their bodies. Battle was a hotbed that nourished the martial path. The average battle power of the human race increased explosively.

And it was rumoured in the age of the three Sovereigns and five Emperors, these eight Supreme existences that held up the Heavens, was born in this situation and became leaders of the human race.  They battled with the alien races for over hundred of years, and finally in this cruel and cold domain, won the right to survive and reproduce. They managed to lay claim to their own space, no longer being sold as slaves…


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