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IGE – 072 – Choosing to enter the wilderness

“The time is about right. The leftover Northern road, we three…” Song Qingluo said hesitantly.

The aim of both Qin Wushuang and Xia Houwu was extremely clear.

They were from the two most influential families within the city, and naturally did not care about the Spirit herbs and rare medicines within the [Boundary canyon battlefield]. If they wanted a Spirit beast, they could also think of other methods to obtain one in the outside world. There was not a need to go to the wild areas outside the canyons and place themselves in danger.

Within this battlefield, every time you were able to kill a rune soldier, you were rewarded by the Boundary canyon. You could obtain a strand of yuan qi forever, and this type of increase in strength would persist even when you left the [Boundary canyon battlefield].

So therefore, from the perspective of these people, before being killed by the students of Azure Phoenix academy, they would do their best and kill the most demon rune soldiers. This way, they would be able to obtain the most rewards, this way they could maximise their gains.

As for the overall victory?

From the very start, they had not cared about such a thing.

One person completely controlling a canyon road, was unquestionably the best choice if you wanted to kill the most rune demon soldiers.

The words of Song Qingluo had a hint of unwillingness to split the rewards of the Northern path between three people.

“You and Xiaojun head to the North path, at the very least you can take care of each other.” Ye Qingyu said unhesitatingly.

“I want to go with Brother Qingyu.” The lips of the little loli pouted out till oil bottles were able to hung from it.

“Listen to me, I’ll go and find you shortly.” Ye Qingyu lifted his hand, in the process of giving the little loli a flick on the head.

“Brother Qingyu is annoying.” The little loli quickly evaded, jumping to one side.

Finally the cousins left together.

In the entire headquarters, there was only Ye Qingyu left.


“There is two hours left till the enemies will reach the battlefield, completely crush them!”

The vast voice of the Formation Emperor Luoso sounded out through the entire battlefield yet again. The voice was like the beat of a war drum, causing one’s blood to boil, and causing someone’s will to do battle exponentially rise.

Ye Qingyu stood in front of the gate of the North path, a smile appearing on his face.

“What does the rewards from killing rune soldiers matter. The largest pile of wealth in this battlefield, is really within the wilderness…allow me, to rule over this entire battle.”

His figure was like lightning, rushing out from the headquarters.



“It’s started,it’s started, the fourth round has finally begun!”

“I hope there can be a pleasant surprise!”

“As long as we don’t get completely destroyed by Azure Phoenix!”

“Give us a little bit of hope!”

In the centre of the practice rounds, the students clustered in front of the stone mirror, said in a pleading tone, almost as if they were praying.



“What’s happening? Ye Qingyu has chosen to enter the wildernhess?””

Ascending Heaven pavilion.

The second and third year representatives who had already been eliminated, through the formation projection, were able to see everything that happened within the battlefield. Instantly, shock was evident on the faces of every person.

In the previous three rounds, there was no one who had chosen the wilderness to become their field of activity

Although in the formation projection, they were only able to see the actions of their own party and not the doings of the Azure Phoenix people, but nearly every student felt Ye Qingyu had gone mad.

“He’s definitely afraid, he’s definitely afraid. He thinks that by entering the desolate wilderness, the people of Azure Phoenix won’t be able to find him, and he can live for a longer time.” Someone said in a thoughtful tone.

“If it is really this, then he is despicable…” Another person said.

“To allow such a person to enter the battlefield, is really a type of humiliation.” Han Xiaofei coldly sneered.

“That’s right. Compared to dying in battle, such a coward act, is even worse.” Jiang Xiaohan chimed in.

Wang Yan gave the two a glare, and said in a calm voice. “It’s I who permitted Ye Qingyu to enter the battlefield.

The two hesitated, an embarrassed expression appearing on their face, instantly shutting their mouths.



The canopy of the forest was more than ten metres high, forming an green layer that encompassed everything. It blocked the sunlight entirely and made the world underneath dark and cold.

Ye Qingyu walked carefully, step by step into the forest.

On the surrounding boulders, both large and small, they were entirely covered with emerald greed lichen. Various gorgeous poison flowers were sprinkled upon the decaying vegetation, beautiful but fatal, making the entire environment even more unearthly.

If you observed with care, you would discover within the air that there was strands of pale green smoke. This was the miasma. Mortal and deadly, even if an expert of the Spirit spring stage accidentally breathed this in, their life would be placed at risk.

Within the [Boundary canyon battlefield], the three gorges were the safest. In this desolate wilderness, there was a multitude of unimaginable dangers, making many people think that this was a forbidden area. Unless they were forced to a desperate situation, no one would choose to enter the wild area.

At least within the explanation of those teachers of White Deer academy specialising in the this battlefield, the wildnerness was an area that was highly reccommended not to enter.

But in the booklet Ye Qingyu was able to obtain, the wilderness was said to be most valuable location within the whole battlefield.

This was one of the reasons Ye Qingyu had chosen the wilderness.

He had calculated carefully, Qin Wushuang and the others, could at least endure approximately two days on the three different paths. In other words, within these two days, there was not a need for Ye Qingyu to reinforce them, being able to do what he wished within this timeframe.

Ye Qingyu must carefully utilise this time to raise his strength.

Then, he would worry about the upcoming battle.

Carefully observing the surrounding terrain, occasionally climbing up to the ten metre high canopy, to look at  the landscape and environment around him, Ye Qingyu rapidly advanced deep into the wilderness.

Martial artists who entered into the [Boundary canyon battlefield], their ability to fly would be suppressed. Through this, the entire battlefield would become incomparably immense. In a short amount of time, very little people would be able to traverse the entire battlefield.

After approximately two hours of time, Ye Qingyu finally arrived at the place he was searching for.

On the way, he had already experienced the ambush of several demonic beasts and underwent numerous battles.

Thankfully in such a class of [Boundary canyon battlefield], the demonic beasts within could not be counted as powerful. Ye Qingyu managed to handle it without expending too much energy.

This was a depressed valley, surrounded by hills and mountains. There was a clear waterfall flowing from deep within the valley, and occasionally howls after howls of demonic wolves sounded from within the valley.

[Demonic Wolf valley].

“Very many people think that only by killing rune soldiers, are you able to obtain yuan qi that persists. They don’t know, that by killing demonic beasts within the wilderness, one is also able to obtain a growth in their yuan qi growth. And from just a single entity, the yuan qi reward contained within a demonic beast is by far greater than any rune soldiers!

Ye Qingyu grabbed the spear from his holster, combining the two parts of the Inexorable spear. Two hands holding onto the spear, he step by step entered into the [Demonic wolf valley].

As one of the ten areas where demonic beasts gathered within the [Boundary canyon battlefield], there were over a hundred demonic wolves contained within the [Demonic wolf valley]. Of these wolves, there were many that were two headed or even three headed mutations, with a battle power that could be comparable to someone of the Spirit spring stage. The power of a single wolf could not be counted as frightening; but when hundreds of demonic wolves gathered together,  it was enough to make many experts pale with fear.

But what Ye Qingyu needed to do right now, was to challenge this pack of demonic wolves.

Only after slaughtering this pack of wolves, would he be able to obtain a great amount of yuan qi.

This would allow Ye Qingyu to perfectly form his second Spirit spring completely, stabilising himself at this stage.

Only through reaching this stage, could Ye Qingyu have confidence in directly facing the so called geniuses of Azure Phoenix academy.

Killing intent emitted from all around.

The wind rustled the grass.

In the very second that he stepped into the valley, his prescence was discovered by the low class demonic wolves near the outer edges.

A savage threatening howl sounded from deep within the foliage. Two wolves the size of calves appeared. A scarlet red, brutal and bloodthirsty eyes rose with wind and gradually came nearer. When they opened their mouths to howl, a nauseating smell of blood came wafting over.

These two huge wolves were pure black, fur as sharp as steel needles. When their paws landed on boulders, deep indents would be left behind.

They lifted their heads and howled to the sky.

The sounds reverberated throughout the valley.

Then the whole valley, as if in response to this, howls upon howls replied from far away, coming ever nearer, as if an army was gathering.

“Must finish this battle quickly.”

Ye Qingyu moved, his figure like a bolt of lightning rushing out.


The two black huge wolves flew through the air at the same time, their sharp claws extending outwards. They sliced apart the air, and blades formed by wind, indiscernible by the human eye, came whistling at Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu did not avoid at all.

The Inexorable spear vibrated with sounds of DingDingDing, the spear swings blossoming in the air. The impact of the metal resounded throughout, and the pale silver blades of wind all shattered.

The next second, the cold light of the spear covered the sky.

An icy light stabbed through the gaping bloody mouth of the first wolf, stabbing through his throat and piercing out. The point of the spear continued on, along with the still struggling corpse of the first wolf, piercing the abdomen of the second huge black wolf…


Accompanied by the sounds of whimpering, the two wolves with a strength comparable to the peak of the fifth stage of the ordinary martial level, lost their lives in an instant.

Before Ye Qingyu had a chance to recovere his breath, a strong wind ambushed him from behind.

It was another huge black wolf rapidly rushing to kill.

And at this time, from all around, pairs upon pairs of scarlet red bloodthirsty eyessurrounded him, with no end in sight. The special bloody scent of the demonic wolves completely enveloped the surroundings, the brutal killing intent was like tornadoes swirling within the wild grass.

Killing descended.

Demonic wolves were a pack that did not fear death. Once they were incited, they could only be calmed by death.

Ye Qingyu knew in his heart, the most terrifying battle was about to begin.

Before he could swing his spear, in the time of a spark, he stepped slightly sideways. The razor sharp claw of the demonic wolf rubbed past his shoulder, passing by with the width of a hair. Holding his spear in his right hand, he punched out with his left explosively.


The black demonic wolf was directly blown apart by the frightening force contained within that punch.

And immediately after Ye Qingyu retreated a step, his fist turning into a palm strike, slapping on the two corpses of the wolves skewered onto his spear.

The corpses of the wolves whistled out, directly hitting two wolves in mid air. Their bones immediately broke, falling to the ground and struggling to get up.

Murderous intent overflowed from all around.

Seven black wolves even larger than usual, as if bolts of lightning, came swishing towards him. Their sharps claws spread opened, a flurry of sharp weapons, wanting to tear Ye Qingyu into shreds.


Ye Qingyu held the inexorable spear using both hands, and explosions after explosions of noise resounded, booming to all parts.

The black wolves were all blown outwards like flying objects by the long spear.

Ye Qingyu’s black hair danced wildly, his demonic like nature invoked. The three metre long massive spear within his hands, transformed into black lightining. Sometimes sweeping, sometimes snapping, as if a black dragon. Everywhere it passed, the bodies of wolves would crack and collapse.



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