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“Something doesn’t feel right.” Song Qingluo carefully evaluated her surroundings.

The two sides of the canyon, were rolling hills and forests. As if it was a jade like ocean of canopy, it undulated with the wind. The forest was dark and damp, and there would occasionally be the roar of ancient beasts that would reverberate from the forest, as if it was the growls of the spirits that had died in battle.

There was a murderous aura that indistinctly emitted from the closest under brush.

The sea of grass was enough to submerge a grown person. The shadows of this forest could hide anything and could also submerge everything.

Song Qingluo could clearly sense danger approaching.

“Run!”  She shouted at little loli.


“Wanting to leave now, is a little too late.”

A voice came from behind them.

Under the sunlight,a teenager with snowy white short hair appeared, the hair as if they were needles of cold steel that flickered on his head.  Without knowing when he appeared, he walked out from the forest from the direction of the headquarters of White Deer academy, cutting off their path of retreat.

“Ai, this is really boring and senseless.” Another voice sounded.

This time it was a youth with fire red long hair. He yawned, with an extremely bored expression, both hands behind his head, walking from the other side. There was a smile of disdain on his face: “We originally wanted to finish you within ten breaths of time, but seeing that you were girls, me and Lin Nuo decided to sleep under the protector statue for a while.  We’ve already given you eight hours of time to kill the soldiers…It’s fine, no need to thank us for our mercy. Now obediently die!”

A strong yuan qi turbulence gradually emitted from the bodies of these teenagers.

One front, one back, they completely surround them.

An unwilling nervousness appeared on the Song sisters.

The strength of the Azure Phoenix academy had already been fully exhibited during the previous three rounds. It had caused a psychological shadow to be born on the hearts of these girls.

“Hoho, two pitiful people. You must remember the people who killed you. We are the Lin Nuo and Zheng Kai of Azure Phoenix academy.”The palm of the short white haired teenager, Lin Nuo, slowly extended outwards and a deep green fist blade could be seen extending from his hand. There was a faint odour of fragrance emitting from it.

Spirit weapon.

The moment he acted, he took out his Spirit weapon.

The next instant, his silhouette quivered for a second, then disappeared. As if he was a beam of light, he rushed at Song Qingluo, leaving a flickering image in the air.

“When you resurrect, you can come here again. Don’t worry, I am very easy to deal with. If I’m killing a woman, I will kill you quickly and painlessly.” The person with fire red long hair, Zheng Kai, both his hands gently pulled at the air. An orange light flashed and an enormous staff that was surrounded with mysterious runes and formation appeared in his hand.

It was also a Spirit weapon.

As the long staff was swung, the air was split apart like that of waves.

“Quickly retreat, under the protector statue!” Song Qingluo cried loudly.

The strength displayed by the two Azure Phoenix students, was not something that they could directly withstand. They could only temporarily retreat. The location they were currently in was around a thousand metres from the outermost line of defence of White Deer academy. As long as they retreated under the protector statue, and borrowed the fearsome offensive power of this protector statue, they would be able to temporarily delay for a  while.

A pale green sapling appeared in the centre of Song Qingluo’s palm. In the blink of an eye, this sapling grew and spread, becoming a shield of vine and grass, protecting her. This was her life Spirit weapon [Qingluo*]. It contained the spirit of plants, and was the most precious asset of the Qingluo merchant company.

Song Xiaojun also knew they were in a desperate situation. With a clear shout, her entire body was enveloped in a scarlet flame, as if it there was a forcefield covering her. At the same time, her dainty hands pushed outwards, and two fireballs shot out, aiming at the two opponents. While doing all this, she quickly retreated.


The cold and sharp laughter came with the wind.

They followed relentlessly.

Their figures flashed.

Song Qingluo could only feel an icy aura approaching, and after that, she could sense the vines that were in front of her and formed from her yuan qi, be sliced into pieces.   She felt a chill on her thigh, a spurt of blood flying out, and a wound that was deep enough to be able to see bone appeared on her leg. Instantly, she could not keep her balance anymore, falling to the ground…

Song Qingluo’s pupil shrinked.

“Qingluo·Green spirit strangle!”

The second that she fell, along with her cry, within the air there were countless vines that were like green pythons that appeared without any signs. With a decisive force, the vines advanced towards the lightning quick figure, twisting all around him. Abruptly, a fierce force was applied and accompanied with a boom, the silhouette was crushed into pieces.


Song Qingluo was overjoyed.

She had long made a decision, that she would pretend to make a blunder.  But in reality, what she wanted to do, even if at the risk of an injury, was to capture the high speed figure of the opponent and use the Spirit weapon [Qingluo] defeat the enemy.

Song Qingluo had studied in the White Deer academy for long, and had experienced numerous spars and practical battle training. She had a rich fighting experience, so of course she would not lose her composure in witnessing the opponent for the first time. She had her own fighting wisdom that only belonged to her.

But —

“Haha… a crafty little girl. A pity, you were a tiny bit lacking.” Accompanied by a cold and merciless laughter, the figure of Lin Nuo appeared ten metres away, with a contemptuous sneer. “Such a pitiful scheme, do you really think it can fool me?”

What was torn into pieces, was only his mirage that he had left behind through high speed moment.

The speed of Lin Nuo, was really too great.

Song Qingluo’s heart, instantly sunk.

The other side, the battle had already been decided.

Accompanied by a dull sound, the earth shook. A crack on the earth slowly spread, the protective fire shield around Song Xiaojun had been scattered. A terrifying force transferred through the ground, and she was shaken till blood filled her mouth. She fell beside Song Qingluo, without a Spirit weapon in her hands…

“Not even able to withstand a single blow!”

Zheng Kai walked towards them dragging his enormous spear.

Within the first years of the Azure Phoenix academy, strength was his speciality. Born with herculean strength, the gigantic staff in his hand weighed over four thousand pounds. For a normal person, even lifting this staff would be very difficult, not to mention wielding it in battle.

“This is really pointless, can the calibre of White Deer academy really be such? Too disappointing…” Lin Nuo shook his head and smiled contemptuously. “I really don’t know why the teachers of White Deer academy would agree to such a competition. They are really seeking their own humiliation.”

“Fine, kill these two girls, and quickly end this battle. Don’t forget, we have wagered with Du Sha, Xu Ge and Ding Liyou on who would be able to enter the headquarters of White Deer academy first…”  Zheng Kai with a careless attitude lightly whistled.

“Hoho……”Lin Nuo smiled frivously, a cold light appearing on the blade at the back of his palm. He bent his body, reaching out with his hand and delicately touching the exquisite and delicate face of Song Qingluo. As if wanting to experience the silky feel of her skin, he clicked his tongue. “Do I really have to ravage flowers with my own hands? Such a beautiful little girl, to be killed so easily, is really a waste of a precious resource…”



Within Ascending heaven pavilion, there were elders that let out long sighs.

Today was really a humiliating day

Xia Houwu was slaughtered in an instant, and his corpse was trodden was used to clean the bloodstains off the sword. The Song sisters without any ability to resist, was flippantly mocked and harassed… They had never thought, that White Deer academy would be crushed so decisively. The five consecutive kills of Blue Sky could not represent everything, because Blue Sky’s situation was special. The talent that White Deer academy had truly nourished and chosen with their own hands, could really not even withstand a single strike. It really made one’s heart turn cold.

“The first defensive line of the Northern path, is about to be lost..”

Looking at the happenings on the formation projection, even an idiot would understand that the strength of Lin Nuo and Zheng Kai was too great, and was not something the Song sisters would be able to defend. At this time, they could only stand and watch silently everything that happened on the projection, watch as the Song sisters died in battle…

“Where’s Ye Qingyu? If he was here…” Jiang Xiaohan abruptly opened her mouth again

After losing track of him in the Demon wolf valley, the formation projection had never displayed Ye Qingyu’s figure again. This was very abnormal.

“That’s right, if Ye Qingyu had not stubbornly chosen the wild area…” Han Xiaofei said, seemingly thoughtfully. “If he cooperated with Song Qingluo and Song Xiaojun, they could at least defend one path…”

Many people hearing such words, also felt the same way.

And at this instant, many people suddenly realised, if not for Ye Qingyu’s nonsensical actions,  then perhaps White Deer academy would still have a chance? Such a tragic loss, at least a sacrificial lamb needed to be found? Or in other words, this situation needed someone to bear responsibility for this incident, no matter whether they were guilty or innocent.

Before his sentence had finished.


A sound of a weapon breaking through the air, resounded throughout the formation projection above them.



A black spear one metre and seventy centimetres long descended from the sky.

Without any signs.

Without any fluctuations.

Therefore there was no way to evade or block such an attack.

The black long spear, looking like a streak of black light, descended from the Heavens. As if it was a punishment from a furious killing deity, before anyone could notice or react to the spear, it descended upon the earth.

The long spear was bitingly cold.

The spear pinned between Song Qingluo and Luo Nin. As if it was an insurmountable peak, it split the two people apart.

A faint smell of blood dispersed.

Lin Nuo dumbly turned his head to look at the blood that was like a fountain, spurting out from his left shoulder. And his entire left arm had been broken apart, it fell soundlessly towards the ground, his fingers still twitching slightly…

This was the hand that he had reached towards Song Qingluo with.

The long spear that had descended from the sky, in an instant, had chopped his limb off. The speed was too quick, making him unable to react at all. Till this very moment, Lin Nuo could not even feel a shred of pain, making him unable to believe that this was real.

“What’s happening?”

Zheng Kai was dumbfounded, then immediately frightened.

But his innate battle ability that was grown from a long period of time, made him step closer to Lin Nuo.

First, he must protect his comrade.

It was……five hundred metres around them, there were no sign or traces of any other humans. This spear that had descended from the skies, where had it come from?

And at the very instant he neared Lin Nuo, he could immediately sense something. His pupils dilated, and the feeling of danger, like a flood, completely enveloped him. By the time he had barely managed to lift his head, in his vision, there was a cold star.

As if in the apprehensive pitch black night, a little star was flickering.

Behind the star, was the silhouette of a person.


A figure that was even faster than Lin Nuo.

A tide of air that was visible with the human eye was split apart. A black human figure, quick as lightning and holding a spear in his hands, crushed everything in his path that was blocking him. With the momentum of thunder, the figure rushed towards Zheng Kai.


Zheng Kai while one hand was supporting Lin Nuo, his other hand lifted the enormous staff, using all his power to strike out.


A deafening metallic clash came.

Zheng Kai could only feel the skin between his forefinger and thumb burn like lava, the bones in his fingers breaking apart. The gigantic staff that normally was like a part of his own body, he could not control anymore. It flew several hundred metres from his grasp…


*Also translates to Green radish


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