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IGE – 076 – Double Kill (2)

“Who is it?”

“Extremely powerful!”

Zheng Kai and Lin Nuo both loudly exclaimed at the same time.

A figure like that of a ferocious dragon bringing with it the momentum of thunder, had already rammed into them. It brought with it the force and might like that of an ancient mountain, abundant and irresistible, ruthlessly striking against the bodies of the two Azure Phoenix students. It caused them to be sent sailing through the air…


This was the sounds of bones breaking.

Lin Nuo was in mid air.  He felt a strange energy influencing him, with his inner yuan unable to be activated. The lightning speed that he was so proud of, in the face of such a brutal impact, could not be displayed at all. He watched with wide open eyes, helpless, as he was struck. His chest caved in visibly, white bone piercing through his chest from inside his body…

Zhang Kai was in an even worse state.

The hand that he used to hold his staff was torn apart in the instant the enormous staff collided with the black spear. The residual impact tore apart his skin and his flesh was lacerated completely. His entire arm was covered in blood, his muscles broken down into fragments with white bone visible beneath the skin. Large mouthfuls of blood gushed out from him, his mind going completely blank.

The pain from his body did not count for anything.

The thing that made Zhang Kai lose his ability to think, was that in this world, that there was someone purely through physical strength able to completely suppress and dominate himself? And such a person, came from the first year of the White Deer academy?

In the time of a spark, the victor of this battle had already been decided.

The two Azure Phoenix student that had been knocked in the air, had utterly lost their ability to resist. The black silhouette that had attacked so rapidly, rose in the sky like an arrogant dragon ruling over the air. The long black spear in his hand trembled, and the cold light of the spear fell like a torrential rain downwards.


As the cold star flickered, blood flowers blossomed.

When the bodies of Lin Nuo and Zhang Kai had reached the ground, their bodies had already been pierced tens of times. They lost their lives, their souls transforming into light and heading towards the headquarters of the Azure Phoenix …

Double kill!

A double kill that descended upon them in an instant!

From the moment the black long spear had arrived like a bolt of lightning till the dust had settled, not even three breaths had passed.

Song Qingluo and Song Xiaojun did not even have time to react to what had happened.

Only until the battle was finished, did the black figure descend to the ground.

One hand holding the long spear, his black long hair dancing as if it was a burning flame. The wind blew his robe like a steel blade whistling through the air. He slowly turned his body around, the sunlight shining upon his body making him slightly unreal. On his familiar face, a warm and gentle smile appeared…

“Brother Qingyu!”

Song Xiaojun exclaimed, jumping up and rushing towards this figure.



“Double Kill!”

“One against two!”

“How is this possible?”


“This is……Ye Qingyu?”

Within the Ascending heaven pavilion, exclamations and clamour filled the plaza. Various phrases that were used to express their shock, at this time, like a deep fat fryer, exploded out from the mouths of different people. Even the experienced and knowledgeable elders, at this moment, could not help but to forget themselves. As if below their bottoms was a fire, every single one of them jumped up in surprise.

Some representatives with slightly weaker strength, had not even reacted to what had happened.

“What’s happening?”

“When did Ye Qingyu arrive?”

Some people stared at each other blankly. They had not yet digested, what had occurred in the split second.

After different expressions of shock, what followed was a deathly silence.

Within the crowd, both Jiang Xiaohan and Han Xiaofei looked at each other. Each of them could see the expressions in each other’s eyes; surprise, shock…and a hint of fear.



Ten breaths before this event had occurred.

In the centre of White Deer academy’s practice grounds.

In front of  the ranking stone mirror.

When Song Qingluo and Song Xiaojun’s name began flickering quickly, the heads of many White Deer academy students lowered. Nearly everyone had an expression of complete and utter despair. The same scene had already occurred many times, and every time, without the slightest hint of things turning around, was the arrival of humiliation…

Experiencing this many times, their hopes had already turned into despair, the White Deer academy students already numb to such a scene. They could not wait for the arrival of dawn and the end of this competition.

The lug, Xiong Yan and his companions next to him, everyone of them had tight frowns.

Until now, Ye Qingyu had not manage to obtain any kills.

And Du Sha of Azure Phoenix academy, had taken the lead and acquired a good beginning. In a flash, he had rapidly dispatched Xia Houwu at a speed so quick, that on the stone mirror, the process of Xia Houwu’s name flickering in danger did not appear. What appeared instead were the numbers of death and killing…

It seems like they were really going to lose this wager.

“How is it? Trash that doesn’t know how high the heavens is or how deep the earth is, do you have anything more to say now?” The female student with almond eyes giggled triumphantly. “It’s time to wake up from your daydreams!”

The Azure Phoenix students next to her all began to laughing together loudly.

“You…Hmph, this round still has not ended yet. Senior brother Qingyu still has a chance…Don’t get happy too quickly.” Xiong Yan said, biting his teeth. The big lump was praying in his heart, that senior brother Qingyu must live up to expectations.

“Not giving up until you see the yellow river, not shedding tears until you see the coffin.” The almond eyed female student crossed her arms across her chest. She coldly sneered: “A group of trash, the dreams of an imbecile. Apart from your hard mouth, what else do you have?”

On the side, another Azure Phoenix student pointed to the gob of phlegm on the ground playfully. “Haha, quickly admit your loss and eat this phlegm. At least then you’ll gain our approval, and have the right to be called a man. Don’t make us look down upon you.”

“Haha,the garbage of White Deer, has always been unable to accept defeat…” The other students of Azure Phoenix academy burst into heavy laughter.

Within the laughter, there was a sense of superiority and pride.

Even if the target they were ridiculing at were the hundreds upon thousands of White Deer students completely surrounding them, even if they were currently within White Deer academy’s territory. Everyone only needed to swarm them and they could crush these Azure Phoenix students into smithereens…

But so what?

They were not  afraid in the slightest.

In the martial world, only the strong were respected. Only after obtaining honour and  glory, could you stand up and speak. The arrogance and status of the Azure Phoenix students, was simply not something the crowd of garbage could be compared to.

They had a natural superiority, so they did not worry at all.

This type of superiority, was only obtained after hard work and struggles, through battle after battle by the Azure Phoenix students. Only through experiencing ordeals of fire and blood and being tempered, could they acquire this ingrained superiority. This was the source for their superiority and arrogance.

They were a flock of white swans flying high up in the air and in their eyes, the White Deer students were no different to dirty roaches rolling in the mud. A loach wanted to defeat a swan?

If this was not a day dream, then what was?

Therefore the laughter of the Azure Phoenix students was so unbridled, so conceited.

And at the time when they were laughing, someone abruptly realised the smile on the almond eyed female student had consolidated. Her large and beautiful eyes suddenly widened rapidly, and within the pupils was a shock that was hard to describe using words…

They discovered, that the White Deer students originally grinding their teeth in fury, at this time were all looking towards the ranking stone mirror. In the gazes were shock, astonishment, wild joy, disbelief…

No one paid attention anymore to the Azure Phoenix students making things difficult.

A bad premonition, appeared in the hearts of the Azure Phoenix students.

They turned their heads, looking at the ranking stone mirror.

On the mirror, the rapidly flashing names of Song Xiaojun and Song Qingluo, had regained their original light. And the incomparably bright names of Zheng Kai and Lin Nuo, before it could even flicker, were already extinguished. And at t he same time, fifth on the list of White Deer academy’s side, after Ye Qingyu’s name, a dazzling appeared next to the kill score—-

Kills: 2.

As if lightning had struck.

The entire White Deer academy was quiet.

Even the entire Deer city was quiet.

The silence was like the dark red sunset before the onslaught of a tempest.

Then, immediately, in who knows what corner, someone shouted hoarsely through their throat.

Cheers like the swelling of the spring tides, suddenly erupted from all directions of the White Deer  academy. In every plaza, surges of screams and shouts that could not be stopped, radiated outwards to all directions. In such a tsunami of screams and yells, the almond eyed female student and her senior and junior brothers, were like frightened little ducks in a rainstorm, shivering with cold….

“How is this possible?”

The almond eyed female student nearly lost her ability to stand, directly falling to the ground.



Boundary canyon battlefield.

Song Qingluo and Song Xiaojun were sitting in a meditative stance on the ground, activating  their inner yuan, racing against time to recover.

Ye Qingyu stood by one side protecting them.

Half an hour later, the injuries of these two girls had finally stabilised, with the ability to fight again.

From the inter dimensional pouch, Ye Qingyu took out some Spirit medicines emitting a rich herbal fragrance. “This is the herbs that I’ve gathered in the wilderness before rushing here, when placed on external wounds, it will allow you to heal quicker!”

The boundary canyon battlefield had its own laws. The yuan qi of Heaven and Earth was much more concentrated than the outside world, causing the number of Spirit herbs to be much larger than the outside world. They were much older and hence possessed a more potent medicinal effect. Especially in the desolate wilderness, very little people normally entered, so under the accumulation of time, the number of Spirit herbs and rare medicines were significantly high in number.

Ever since departing from the Demon wolf valley, on the way back Ye Qingyu had gathered quite a large quantity of Spirit herbs. This could be counted as a decent reward even by its own merits.

“Brother Qingyu, you really are a warrior that fell down from the heavens. Hehe, does this mean you will remain behind and help us?” Song Xiaojun grabbed onto Ye Qingyu’s arm, rubbing her little face against his limb, a joyful expression evident.

Ye Qingyu shook his head.

“Eh? Brother Qingyu, you still have somewhere to go?” The little loli said in a panicked tone.

“That’s right, if you stay behind and cooperate with us, we can definitely destroy the first line of defence of Azure Phoenix academy…” Song Qingluo also opened her mouth. Seeing the battle strength Ye Qingyu just displayed, she was also completely astonished. She could see a faint hope.

“We have already lost three rounds. This round, we must obtain victory.” Ye Qingyu looked at the demon rune soldiers and rune soldiers fighting in close quarters far off in the distance, and gazing further, he saw statues upon statues of demon protector statues. “Not only do we need to win, we need to win beautifully.”

The little loli’s eyes, Song Xiaojun brightened: “Brother Qingyu, you must have a plan already?”

She had completely blind trust and confidence in Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

“You only needed to protect yourself well. The other things, just leave it for me to handle.” Ye Qingyu pointed at the demon rune soldiers and the rune soldiers that were fighting and said, “The class of [Boundary canyon battlefield] we are in right now, both the rune soldiers and demon rune soldiers are without intelligence. They only have a basic battle instinct, so what you need to do currently, is control the line of soldiers…”


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