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IGE – 078 – Spear broken

“It seems like those sisters are temporarily in a safe state…”

A smile appeared on Ye Qingyu’s face.

Although he was tens of kilometre away, but he only needed a will of his heart, and everything that happened in the battle of the Northern canyon would clearly appear in his mind. It was as if he was at the scene to observe everything, without the slightest error possible.

This was the effect of the [Sentry guard].

It was one of the newly discovered mysteries Ye Qingyu had found in the [Fiendgod titled chart]. From the page shining with light in the [Titled strange objects] section, he could take out six [Sentry guards] and place it anywhere he wished.

And in the area where the [Sentry guard] was placed, everything  that happened for a kilometre in all directions, Ye Qingyu would be able to observe anytime he wanted. It was as if he had placed a clone there, able to sense everything that occurred.

The effectiveness of the [Sentry guard], was similar to a high class surveillance formation. But to arrange such a formation, wasted both time and energy and also needed vast quantities of rare ingredients. It also needed a profound formation cultivator as a normal martial artist would not be able to create such a formation. For Ye Qingyu’s current level of cultivation, it was only something to be talked about and not something he was able to achieve.

But the positioning of the [Sentry guard] was exceedingly simple for him. Only a slight quantity of inner yuan need to be expended to activate the [Fiendgod titled chart], and from then you could take out a [Sentry guard] from the [Titled strange objects] section where the page was flashing, and place this item anywhere you wanted.


A huge wave rushed towards him.

Under the turbulent tides, a bulky and gigantic crab like water was hidden within. It soared to launch an attack.

Ye Qingyu leaped into the air, the inexorable spear in his hands as quick as lightning. The spear stabbed out, piercing through the giant crab’s body. A strand of yuan qi rushed out, entering into Ye Qingyu’s body and became part of the yuan qi spring that nourished his dantian world.

“Is it our physical bodies that have entered into the [Boundary canyon battlefield], or is it just only our Spirits?”

Ye Qingyu waded through the river, pondering in his mind.

This was his first time within the [Boundary canyon battlefield]. It gave him a very strange sensation, especially the fact that after you were killed, you were given three opportunities to resurrect.

This made Ye Qingyu vaguely feel that it was not their true bodies that had entered into this canyon battlefield. It was only something that was akin to their Spirit or consciousness, which was inserted into a body made from runes and formations. The important point was that this constructed body was exactly the same as their original body, able to experience the same pain and injuries. Even if they had personally entered into the [Boundary canyon battlefield], they were not able to clearly tell the difference at all.

The martial path of the Formation Emperor Luoso, was really endlessly profound and incredible.

“Xia Houwu has already died in battle once, so he should not have yet resurrected and returned to the front lines. The person most likely to be fighting right now, is Qin Wushuang’s North West path!”

Ye Qingyu travelled through the waves.

Because of the laws of [Boundary canyon battlefield], they were not able to travel through the skies. However, with the strength of Ye Qingyu’s physical body and the pureness of his inner yuan, his speed was still rapid. Like an arrow that had been released from the bow, he galloped directly towards the North West road.



“Imprison body talisman?”

Xu Ge frowned, an expression of astonishment appearing on his face.

On the North West canyon path, a ferocious battle had been temporarily halted.

Qin Wushuang’s body were covered with wounds, scarlet red blood dyeing half his body. He panted loudly for air, fresh blood dripping down his arm. As it flowed, it painted the [Great Zhou sword] in his hands scarlet red. Following the ridge of the sword, it dripped down onto the point of the sword, drop by drop falling onto the ground…

And opposite him, Xu Ge had only lost a sleeve of his clothing.

Xu Ge was the widely recognised number one genius of the first years in Azure Phoenix academy. His appearance was extremely casual; white face was like jade, even breathing, confident and at ease, neat and orderly hair and eyes glistening with brightness. He evidently held a distinct advantage in this battle.

The battle that was halted, was just about to be decided.

At the crucial time, Qin Wushuang had abruptly attacked with an old and yellowish paper. Rotating and rolling, it had quickly expanded in mid air. On this paper, a scarlet red mysterious pattern was clearly drawn, emitting a pale crimson red glow. It expanded like a pair of shackles, confining Xu Ge within…

The situation suddenly reversed.

Xu Ge had continuously performed battle techniques after battle techniques, but  he was not able to break through this constraint.

This made him realise that this old yellow paper, should be an extremely rare confinement formation. It was an imprisonment body talisman, able to restrict the opponent’s figure so that it could not move in the slightest.

“Huhu……give up on struggling.” Qin Wushuang panted raggedly, activating the inner yuan in his body that had been mostly expended. The Great Zhou sword gradually began to brighten, and he took step after step closer. “You’ve forced me to use the last trick up my sleeve. This should be enough to make you proud. For this round, I’ve won.”

Xu Ge really stopped his struggling, and with an indifferent smile, said: “Who would have thought, that there would be such a treasure in your hands…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make you die crisply.” Qin Wushuang’s sword slowly stabbed out, the three feet of the sword shining a brilliant silver, inch by inch advancing towards Xu Ge.

Xu Ge’s face was still calm and peaceful, even holding a bland smile. “It’s a pity!”

The sword move of Qin Wushuang’s halted for an instant. “A pity about what?”

“It’s a pity that the imprison body talisman you’ve obtained is not complete. It’s only a defective product, and…” The smile on Xu Ge’s face, became wider and wider. “And, you have not truly assimilated and understood it, therefore…”

Before he had finished.

A curved crescent moon, one inch long, appeared suddenly on Xu Ge’s palm.

Whether it was just a mistaken sensation was unknown, but the moment this crescent moon appeared, the ambient light around dimmed.

As if it really was the appearance of the new moon.

It was as if the crescent moon within the skies, was harvested into Xu Ge’s hand. The crescent moon slowly rotated, filled with an quiet and ethereal beauty.

“Moon seal·Beheading the moon!”Xu Ge’s lips parted slightly, abruptly shouting coldly.

The crescent moon on his palm, suddenly enlarged. Striking out, by the time it had sliced upon the scarlet red imprisonment talisman, it was already a crescent blade one metre long. A bright and radiant light shone; at this instant, it was as like the beauty of the new moon after the murky grey clouds had passed.


The scarlet red imprisonment talisman was shattered.

Xu Ge had broken through.

As if a fierce tiger was leaping out of the cage.

Qin Wushuang’s facial expression changed greatly, retreating at the first instant.

But it was already too late.

The new moon held in Xu Ge’s palm was already hurtling to kill.

“I’m still not his opponent even with this?”Qin Wushuang bitterly smiled, closing his eyes and waiting for his imminent death.

And at this time——


An explosion suddenly erupted next to his ear.

And after, there was a indescribable yuan qi that seemed to came from nowhere. From far away till it got closer, it brought with it a force that seemed like it could topple the mountains and overturn the seas, as if ancient mountains were breaking apart and the very world had subsided under the sea.

The exclamation of Xu Ge were immediately heard after.

Qin Wushuang hesitated, and by the time he opened his eyes again, he saw an entirely different scene in front of him—-

It was unknown when the black spear was erected one metre away from him. The Xu Ge who had been rushing at him, was knocked backward by a black figure in the air. As if he had lost control of his body, he was sent flying like a young child.

A black spear?

Ye Qingyu?

Almost without thinking, in a second, Qin Wushuang knew who had came.

This black spear for him, was incomparably familiar. This frightening silhouette, had time and time again appeared within his nightmares. More than three months ago, at the time when he had stepped upon the peak of the first year of White Deer academy, the owner of this spear, with an unequalled disposition, smashed apart all his glory.


“It’s you……”Xu Ge was in mid air, opening his mouth to shout.

He was able to recognise that the figure that seemed like an divine soldier descending from the heavens, the black figure that had attacked him, was the white clothed youth from that time at the public library.

The true enemy, had arrived.

Xu Ge’s heart tightened.

The terrifying impact made him clearly feel that his ribs had fractured…being injured in their first skirmish, made his will to do battle exponentially rise.

“That’s right,it’s me!”

Ye Qingyu loudly shouted.

The other part of the spear in his hand shot out like a dragon emerging from the oceans, leaving a snowy white brilliance in the air.


Rapid metallic strikes sounded out, sparks flying everywhere.

Xu Ge’s strength was evidently higher than Lin Nuo or Zheng Kai. Facing two of the four moves of the golden armoured king, [Banner of Heaven and Earth] and [Fierce dragon pierce], he still had the power to retaliate.


The situation changed under the continuous direct impacts.

The crescent moon in Xu Ge’s hand finally disintegrated, transforming into a scattering of snowy white powder, dispersing into the air.

And the inexorable spear held in Ye Qingyu’s hand, mottled holes the size of soy beans covered the pale silver spear head. The spear head was close to completely useless.

The two figures landed on the ground.

“Extremely powerful continuous strikes…Haha, my judgement was correct that day. You really are a terrifying opponent.” The figure of Xu Ge stood up straight on the ground, without the slightest hint of any injuries, a faint smile on his lips.

“You are also strong…you are so much stronger than when compared to people like Lin Nuo or Zheng Kai.” Ye Qingyu’s steps was somewhat weak, injuries evident near his abdomen. His skin and flesh was broken apart, blood dripping out. This was the injuries caused by the explosive and rupturing strikes of the [Moon seal]. He seemed to cut a more sorry figure.

“You’ve already fought with them?” Xu Ge was taken aback.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

“Then how did they…” Xu Ge originally wanted to ask who won and who lost, but after a quick thought, he could not help but shake his head with a smile. “That’s right, with your strength, they are most likely goners. It is hard to contend against your repeated killing blows.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head again.


A sound exploded.

The spear head of the inexorable spear suddenly shattered, turning into scraps of cold steel that careered everywhere.

The spear head had long been shattered by the power of the [Moon seal] and when the wind rustled pass, this minuscule movement had caused the spear head to shatter.

There was a shred of regret in Ye Qingyu’s eyes.

Although the inexorable spear was stupidly heavy, but it was a weapon tremendously compatible with him. It was a pity, that it had been half destroyed in this battle.

From far away.

Qin Wushuang retreated slowly backwards, step by step.

The situation in front of his eyes did not seem favourable. Even if Ye Qingyu had acted to save him, it seemed like even he could not suppress this fearsome Azure Phoenix student.


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