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IGE – 079 – A true genius

But at this time, something unexpected happened —


A chain of minute explosions sounded without any warning.

Clusters of blood, unexpectedly and strangely, spurted out from Xu Ge’s chest.

Xu Ge lowered his head to look at the miniature holes on his chest, as if he had long known this would occur. A bitter smile appeared on his face, and his body gradually fell to the ground. With regret in his tone, he said: “If not for my previous battle with Qin Wushuang, and me using the [Moon seal·Beheading the moon] to break his imprisonment talisman,  I would not have expended over half of my inner yuan. I would not have lost to you.”

Ye Qingyu: “But this is a battlefield, and not a spar.”

“I will come back.” Xu Ge completely fell to the ground, his life completely gone. His spirit transformed into a ray of light, rushing towards the headquarters of the Azure Phoenix academy.

Qin Wushuang had wide open eyes, filled with undisguised shock and astonishment.

He suddenly understood, that when Ye Qingyu and Xu Ge had fought, in the strikes like that of torrential rain, Xu Ge was already heavily wounded. It was only that Xu Ge had used his inner yuan to suppress his wounds, but in the time of the simple exchange of words, the wounds could not help but finally appear. Xu Ge could suppress it no longer……

Xu Ge had lost?

Xu Ge had really lost?

In the clash in mid air, what had really happened?

With his vision he really could not clearly discern in that exact moment in time, how Ye Qingyu was able to kill Xu Ge. In that cold light of the spear, in the torrential rain of murderous intent, how many spear strikes did he stab out with?

An indescribable sense of defeat, completely enveloped Qin Wushuang’s heart.

He was not able to defeat the opponent even after using all the cards hidden in his sleeve. But in their first contact, Ye Qingyu was able to completely slaughter the enemy. Furthermore, even after the battle had ended, he was not able to realise in the first instant who was the victor…could the difference between him and Ye Qingyu, really be this large?

From far away.

It seemed as if Ye Qingyu had not noticed the subtle retreat of Qin Wushuang. Without pausing to recover, he used the broken spear in his hands as a staff. In the time that he jumped and was in the air, tens of demon rune soldiers were slaughtered, and he managed to obtain strand after strand of yuan qi reward.

The inner yuan that was expended during the battle with Xu Ge, finally recovered a little.

Afterwards, the battlefield became peaceful for a short time.

The rune soldiers pushed towards the distance.

By the time Xu Ge had resurrected and returned to the battlefield, the demon rune soldiers and the protector statue would have killed all these soldiers. For Xu Ge, this could be counted as a huge loss as he would completely lose the yuan qi rewards contained within the rune soldiers.

Only then did Ye Qingyu turn and walk towards Qin Wushuang.

“That imprison body talisman, is the treasure you manage to obtain in the practical battle training several months ago?” Ye Qingyu asked.

During Ye Qingyu’s time in the Grievance hall, the little loli Song Xiaojun had once mentioned that in the time Qin Wushuang was outside training in the wilderness, he had managed to obtain a great treasure. This had caused his strength to rise momentously, and thereafter immediately challenged Yan Xingtian. From what it seemed like, this defected imprisonment body talisman that nearly even finished Xu Ge, was the great treasure from the little loli’s words.

Qin Wushuang had a complicated expression. He nodded his head, and as if suddenly thinking of something, said with bitterness in his voice, “If I had not previously expended a large part of Xu Ge’s inner yuan, you would not have been able to defeat him so easily.”

Ye Qingyu shrugged his shoulders. “What about it, do you want me to say thanks to you?”

Qin Wushuang did utter anything more.

He knew that everything he said was pointless. Decisively, he turned around and walked towards the protective statue. Within the defensive radius, he sat cross legged, activating his yuan qi to recover and treat his injuries. Closing his eyes, he did not speak again.

Ye Qingyu shook his head, turning to head towards the wilderness.

“That’s right, you relied on the power of the imprison body talisman, to defeat Yan Xingtian?” Ye Qingyu suddenly asked, just before he left.

The body of Qin Wushuang emitted a huge quiver. He suddenly stood up, his face red: “I know what you want to ask. I’ll say it again, the disappearance of Yan Xingtian had nothing to do with me…”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, saying again: “Fine… to change the topic, if I was you, I would not push the line of soldiers anymore but rather carefully keep the balance between the soldiers carefully at this position…”

Qin Wushuang was taken aback, then suddenly understood. “You will come again? You want to be the fisherman that benefits from the struggles of the clams*?”

Ye Qingyu turned his head and gave him a glance. “If you really want to win this grand competition, then I advise you to carefully consider my proposal.”

Finishing his sentence, his figure flashed.

Ye Qingyu’s figure finally disappeared within the tall desolate forest, into the wilderness.

Qin Wushuang stood where he was, his thoughts unknown. Only after a short while did he return under the protector statue. Activating his inner yuan to treat his injuries, he quickly utilised the time. But this time, he found that his heart was in turmoil, and he could not be at ease. At this time, he found it hard to concentrate and enter into a clear state of mind.

Ye Qingyu, in the time of a thunderbolt passing by, had killed Xu Ge. This type of scene had really given Qin Wushuang too great of a shock and impact.

Originally Qin Wushuang was filled with confidence. He had already made a plan, that he would challenge Ye Qingyu in front of the entire academy. Exactly like last time that Ye Qingyu had in front of all his seniors, knocked him off his pedestal, he would do the same to him. He wanted to fiercely break the glory of the demon king Ye. Qin Wushuang had counted on the fact that Ye Qingyu would not be his opponent in the future. After all, he had been confined within the Grievance hall for three months, without the instructions of the teachers and he himself has had a fortuitous encounter…

But from what the current incident showed, the fortuitous encounter of Ye Qingyu, was even more mysterious compared to his.

“Can I really defeat this monster from the commoners?”

Qin Wushuang asked himself in his heart.



In the centre of the practice grounds of the first years.

In front of the ranking stone mirror.

The entire crowd on the grounds, at this time were already plunged into fanatical cheering. Various screams and cheers, was like a hurricane blowing on the surface of the sea, the madly swelling waves advancing towards all directions. The undulating heads were like black humongous waves. Apart  from jumping and wild cheering, any other body movements or language could not express the excitement in their hearts.

The first year students had gone crazy.

“Do you see? Open your eyes wide and look. The peerless genius in your words, the Senior brother Xu Ge that is unbeatable, has died in battle once…”Yan Xiong face was so flushed that it was as if he was covered with chicken’s blood. Tearing apart his clothes, he roared at the almond eyes Azure Phoenix female student: “Who is it that killed him? Hahaha, it’s not an illusion! Everyone tell her, who is it?”

“Senior brother Ye Qingyu!”

“Haha, demon king Ye has killed Xu Ge!”

“Demon king Ye, only demon king Ye is able to be known as a true genius!”

“Hahaha, I knew it, I knew it. Demon king Ye would not disappoint us, he is a person that has always caused miracles. No one who has managed to offend demon king Ye is able to rest peacefully…this, is truly a peerless genius!”

“Haha, I’ve already said senior brother Ye is specially here to take care of those who don’t believe in him.”

Faces after faces of the excited expressions of the White Deer students dangled in front of the Azure Phoenix students. The foreign students at this moment, was as if they were undergoing the mourning of their mothers. The White Deer students were multiplying and returning the humiliation they had received, like a volcano that had been suppressed for countless of years, the force bursting breaking apart all their restraints.

The almond eyes female student stared fixedly at the ranking stone mirror.

She could not believe her eyes.

Senior brother Xu Ge—the existence in her heart that was unbeatable, and an existence that was forever invincible. The existence that, under the countless eyes of students from Azure Phoenix academy, had defeated who knows how many geniuses, had beaten who knows how many opponents, he really…had been killed once!

When the ranking stone mirror flashed with the final result, the almond eyed Azure Phoenix female student felt as if the apocalypse had arrived.

This was a sensation akin to someone’s religion completely collapsing.

That person…senior brother Xu Ge, would really have lost?

The demon king Ye from the mouths of White Deer, the person called Ye Qingyu, what kind of monster was he? Where did he appear from, that he was able to kill senior brother Xu Ge? Why would such a monster appear in White Deer academy at such a time?

The surrounding Azure Phoenix students, their faces ashen all lowered their heads, tightly clenching their fists.

They had always been proud of their ranking within the ten academies. At this instant, this pride was broken apart. They had previously faced the thousands of students without the slightest hint of fear, because in their hearts, they had the support of honour and glory. But right now, seeing the faces filled with excitement and pride, expressions written with challenge and exhilaration, the tightly clenched fists of the Azure Phoenix students ultimately loosened.

The emotions of unwillingness and shock, transformed into a long sigh.

At this time, apart from being silent, they could only be silent.



Ascending heaven pavilion.

The teachers originally filled with seriousness, had evidently lightened up by a large margin.

The higher ups of the academy nervously stared at the formation projection, a bright light shining radiantly within their eyes. These two continuous battles that happened within the time frame of a  spark,  all ended in Ye Qingyu’s victory as the final result. This made the teachers who had originally given up all hopes and expectations, able to see the final strand of light within this grand competition.

If Ye Qingyu was able to do the same as in these two situations, able to provide reinforcements in time at  every instant, then….perhaps the situation could really be turned around once?

Jiang Xiaohan was within the crowd, with her head lowered.

This time she did not say anything.

Because she was able to clearly sense, that the gaze of the head teacher of the first years Wang Yan was biting cold, like that of a blade. This gaze occasionally passed over her figure. This was a warning that was hidden extremely, but Jiang Xiaohan was able to perfectly understand it’s meaning; if she dared to say one phrase more – even if it was only one word, Wang Yan would definitely shatter her with one strike.

In these three years that she had been in the White Deer academy, Jiang Xiaohan had always been the spoiled child of the teachers. She had never experienced such a hateful and murderous glance from any of the supervisors.

At this instant, Jiang Xiaohan asked herself in her heart: Was I really in the wrong?

After all, Ye Qingyu had once been her childhood friend and had never provoked her of his own accord.

But after a slight indecision, her heart became incomparably determined.

The  things that she had abandoned, others could not possess. The things that she was not able to possess, she could only destroy…she was forever in the right. Ye Qingyu did not follow according to her imagination and become a useless trash, a complete waste. If this was not going against her, than what was?

Therefore, he deserved to die.



*Chinese idiom: profit from the struggles of others


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