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IGE – 081 – The last risk

“It seems like the things recorded down on that booklet was not wrong in the slightest.”

Ye Qingyu’s heart became increasingly curious towards the contents of the booklet that the old guy had left behind. Within  there were many information that even the elders specialising in studying the [Boundary canyon battlefield] did not know. But right now, this information was proven to be real and correct. The value of the booklet, absolutely exceeded his initial estimates.

After collecting all the blood of the flame devil beast, Ye Qingyu sat cross legged on a giant black boulder, recovering. Activating his yuan qi, he used it to restore his body’s injuries.

The scarlet red brands imprinted upon his skin, were like mysterious natural runes, each around the size of a tadpole. As the inner yuan flowed through it, it constantly flickered as if they were alive. Ye Qingyu could distinctly sense, that as the tadpole sized runes flashed on his skin,  a scorching and burning power.

As Ye Qingyu activated the nameless breathing technique, these scarlet red runes the size of a tadpole, gradually faded and eventually completely disappeared from his skin. But the strange flame like power, at the time when Ye Qingyu struck out with his fist, still remained.

One hour later.

Ye Qingyu stood up.

The eyebrows that had been burned off by the blood of the flame devil beast had already grown back. And as for his scorched off hair, it had already grown back to a length of around the width of two fingers. After entering the Spirit spring stage, one would enter the realm of a Xiantian life from. In such a stage where inner yuan could be activated to treat his injuries, the recovery of one’s body was much more speedier than normal. After around ten days of time, the length of his hair should grow back to it’s original length.

“I wonder how the situation in the three canyon road is going?”

Ye Qingyu willed his mind and through the [Sentry guard], observed the state on the three battlefields.

After a short period of time he jumped out, soaring away like lightning. Exiting from the pitch black valley, he galloped towards the Northern battlefield.

Within the pitch black valley, the gigantic corpse of the [Flame devil beast] had gradually disappeared and transformed into a huge boulder. According to the formation laws of the [Boundary canyon battlefield], not long afterwards, a new [Flame devil beast] would be born and become the new ruler of this place. But this already had nothing to Ye Qingyu and the others anymore.



White Deer academy.

In the centre of the first year practice grounds, underneath the ranking stone mirror.

The cheers continued on, wave after wave.

As opposed to the lifeless atmosphere enveloped with despair, the grounds had now transformed into a joyous ocean of people. White Deer academy had  lost the previous three rounds consecutively, with signs that it would be completely crushed. In the fourth round everyone had just hoped for a little pleasant surprise. But no one would have thought that as time gradually passed, the development of the situation, gradually made the students realise, that they had the possibility of victory!

On the ranking stone mirror, another new change appeared.

Lin Nuo and Zheng Kai once again died in battle.

And the person who did not even appear once so far, the Azure Phoenix student Ding Liyou had also died once.

Next to Ye Qingyu’s name, his kill count had already became seven.

This represented that within this [Boundary canyon battlefield], Ye Qingyu had already became an existence like that of the Death God, ruling over all and becoming an invincible presence on this battlefield. Not only did he kill each of the five representatives of the Azure Phoenix students once each, he also managed to kill Lin Nuo and Zheng Kai twice over.

Seven consecutive kills!

This was something that even the Great demon king Blue Sky did not manage to achieve previously.

Although they were not able to spectate what exactly occurred within the [Boundary canyon battlefield], but only through a slight imagination, they could discern what had occurred. They were able to picture the image of demon king Ye, his figure like that of lightning and hurricane. Every ten steps he  killed a person, not leaving any traces of his presence in a thousand miles,* this kind of heroic and valiant posture. Every White Deer student feel excitement, a hard to control excitement. It was as if the person obtaining such a earth shattering victory was they themselves.

“Quickly look, there’s another new change on the ranking stone mirror…”

“Really? Ahahaha, naturally, demon king Ye does not disappoint us. He has killed another person…Du Sha has died once again. Hahaha, delightful, this is really delightful!”

“Isn’t it eight consecutive kills?”

“I don’t care anymore. From now on, if anyone is to speak bad of the demon king Ye in front of me, then I will definitely fight him over it.” A noble student was so animated that he had forgotten himself, rolling up his sleeves and loudly shouting.

Every White Deer student stared fixedly at the ranking stone mirror, not letting any change that occurred pass through their notice.

“Eh? Xia Houwu has died in battle yet again…”

“This…his three chances of resurrection, will all be used up now?”

“Haha, I’ve long said, that Xia Houwu’s strength is not up to standards for this competition. At the start, he was not able to enter the list of ten. This time, I don’t know how or why he was able to obtain a place to enter the [Boundary canyon battlefield]. This is really too embarrassing and shameful – if it was me, then I would forego my place and give it to someone that actually possesses true strength.”

“After entering the [Boundary canyon battlefield], there is not only fights, but also various types of fortuitous encounters. You can harvest spirit herbs and precious medicines, and you are also able to obtain the yuan qi reward left behind by the Formation Emperor Luoso. This can be counted as something extremely beneficial for the participant so the Xia Hou family paid a huge price and managed to allow Xia Houwu to enter…”

From within the excited crowd, different analysis and explanation were made for every change of the stone mirror.

Some people became heroes.

Some people became cowards.

In this stark contrast and comparison, the success of the victors and the defeat of the losers  were even more evident.

“Quickly look, another change has occurred on the stone mirror…Haha, that Ding Liyou has been killed yet again…This time, eh, the little loli Song Xiaojun managed to obtain a kill, what happened? Could the strength of this Ding Liyou really be this weak?”

“Song Xiaojun was able to obtain a kill. She is the third person from the White Deer academy  able to kill the Azure Phoenix students.”

“Hahaha, this is too great. I feel like in this very round we will be able to prevail and win.”

“You little brat shut your mouth, we have to preserve our character and must not become someone who has made an inauspicious remark…”

The students of the White Deer academy were both excited but conflicted at the same time. If this round had progressed exactly the same as the previous rounds, and from the start they had been completely suppressed, then the crowd would not have any expectations whatsoever. But when suddenly faced with hope, everyone began to worry that some unexpected incident would occur that would take this hope away from them.


Boundary canyon battlefield.

The battlefield at the North path.

“Thank you brother Qingyu…” The little loli Song Xiaojun jumped up and down excitedly.

With Ye Qingyu’s aid, she had managed to obtain a kill and receive the reward of the battlefield.

The formation corpse of Ding Liyou was felled several metres away.

With the cooperation of Song Xiaojun and Ye Qingyu, she surprisingly managed to kill Ding Liyou.

This Azure Phoenix student walked a similar martial path to hidden assassination, so he previously had hidden himself and did not come out. Previously this person had not appeared in either of the three battlefields, but rather hid and prepared himself to assassinate someone. The assassination technique of this person was absolutely penetrative, erasing all traces of his presence. The moment he appeared from beside you, represented the arrival of your death.

It was a pity that through the Sentry guard, Ye Qingyu was able to discover traces of his movement.

The prepared person met the unprepared person, so therefore Ding Liyou was killed once again.

The previous time that he was killed, was when he had wanted to eliminate Ye Qingyu from the shadows —– in reality, he really did manage to heavily injure Ye Qingyu in their first moment of contact. This was the first time that Ye Qingyu had managed to obtain such a heavy wound since entering the Boundary canyon battlefield. But when comparing direct battle power, Ding Liyou could not even match Qin Wushuang and the others. In the end, he was defeated by the moves of the golden armoured king.

And at this time, everyone had fought for a total of two days and one night within the [Boundary canyon battlefield].

The five representatives of the Azure Phoenix academy, Lin Nuo, Zheng Kai, Du Sha, Ding Liyou each of them had died twice already, leaving them on their last chance. And the person with the greatest strength, Xu Ge, still had two opportunities remaining. But Ye Qingyu did not give them a chance to directly fight with him. Using the [Sentry guards], he continuously discovered their location and movements, ambushing and killing them. The situation had already turned extremely unfavourable for the Azure Phoenix academy.

On the battlefield of the Northern path.

“Continue following my previous instructions. Control the lines of soldiers and maintain such a position.”

Ye Qingyu left behind this phrase and once again entered into the desolate wilderness.

Because of the appearance of the [Sentry guard], the development of this competition proceeded along extremely smoothly. If things continued on at such a rate, at the most in a day’s time, Ye Qingyu would be able to kill each of the geniuses of the Azure Phoenix academy three times each. After these haughty geniuses were forcibly ejected from the battlefield, there was no longer a need to destroy the headquarters of the demon rune soldiers for White Deer academy to obtain the final victory.

But Ye Qingyu did not wish for the battle to end so quickly.

Because he still needed to acquire two more important opportunities within the [Boundary canyon battlefield].

Ye Qingyu was absolutely clear in his heart, the opportunity to enter into such a realm like the [Boundary canyon battlefield], would not occur again for a very long time —After all, to open this time’s [Boundary canyon battlefield], it needed the combined cooperation of the two of the great academies. Just through White Deer academy alone, there was no way they would be able to activate the battlefield again.

Therefore, he must utilise this opportunity, and firmly grasp every opportunity that was described within the little booklet into his hands.

After leaving the Northern battlefield, he activated his inner yuan and headed towards the West.

Two hours later.

He came to the third valley that was one of the ten forbidden areas of this battlefield.

[Yuan Qi Giant valley].

According to the information recorded within the booklet, the [Yuan Qi giant] was an existence that was comparable to the [Flame Devil beast]. It possessed an extremely dominating strength, with an outer appearance the same as a rock giant. It was also a humanoid monster. This yuan qi giant had inhabited within this valley for generations, absorbing the yuan of heaven and earth at every moment in time.  It’s blood had already been completely refined to the purest yuan qi energy within this battlefield.

The blood of the [Yuan qi giant], had an amazing property. As long as you swallowed a small mouthful, then it could completely recover your yuan qi if you were at the beginning stages of the Spirit spring stage. It was a rare divine ingredient, comparable to the [Flame devil beast blood]. For Ye Qingyu, this was extremely important because this represented the fact he could constantly perform the four moves of the golden armoured king without rest, and not worry about his yuan qi being completely expended.

He rested a bit at the entrance of the valley, regulating himself to his most optimal condition. Ye Qingyu took a large step in to the valley.

Two hours later.

A Ye Qingyu with tattered clothing walked out of the valley.

“It seems like I have to buy more pairs of clothes in the future. Otherwise, after the fight has ended, I’ll be completely naked….” Ye Qingyu carefully stored away the [Blood of the yuan qi giant] away carefully.

The two bottles of [Blood of the flame devil beast] and the [Blood of the yuan qi giant] could be taken away and brought out of the battlefield. This was an extremely important spoil of the battlefield.

The Ye Qingyu at this time, seemed to cut a sorry figure. But the fluctuation of yuan qi in his body was vigorous and forceful, his eyes bursting with vitality. His strength had constantly increased, his inner yuan like that of a large river surging within his body. In the dantian world, the third [yuan qi kindling] had already been planted, and when the opportunity was right, the third Spirit spring would be excavated.

Such a rate of progress for his strength, made demon king Ye extremely satisfied.

His original plan was to rely upon the rewards of the [Boundary canyon battlefield], and take a step forward to enter the third Spirit spring stage. From the current situation, this plan had already half succeeded.

“Now the only thing left is the last opportunity, but it is also the one with the most danger and risk. But danger and return goes hand in hand; if this gamble pays of successfully, then after leaving from this [Boundary canyon battlefield], I fear that no one will be my opponent within the entire second year of the White Deer academy and I can jump straight into the third year!”

Ye Qingyu was pleased in his heart.



The headquarters of the demon rune soldiers.

Lin Nuo, Zheng Kai, Du Sha and Ding Liyou stood upon the resurrection altar. They all looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

“I would never have thought that we would encounter such a monster.” Lin Nuo lowered his head and sighed, already feeling powerless in his heart.

He and Zheng Kai had been continuously killed directly by the attack of Ye Qingyu. If the first time could be partially counted as an ambush, then the second time was truly a complete domination. Even the two of them added together was not Ye Qingyu’s match, causing the self confidence of these two to completely crumble. No matter whether it was Lin Nuo or Zheng Kai, they firmly believed that if they met Ye Qingyu again, they would still not be his opponent.

“When did White Deer academy manage to recruit such an expert?”

Ding Liyou also had a countenance filled with worry.

He had continuously attempted to assassinate Ye Qingyu, but every time he had returned with defeat. Especially the second time, he was completely toyed with, and in the end killed by the little girl. This was complete humiliation, but there was nothing he could do.  For an assassin, the most important weapon was their confidence. But whenever Ding Liyou thought  back to the image of that figure, he could not help but feel a sense of defeat; he would never be able to kill that person.

“What should we do after?” The red mole between the brows of Du Sha moved slightly. “We haven’t been able to contact Xu Ge in the slightest. But with his biased views towards us, he is definitely not willing to act in concert with us. Out of the four of us, none of us are able to defeat him, and two on one holds a high chance of failure too. Only if we manage to surround him with three or more people, do we have a chance…”

“But that persons appears like a deity and fades like a ghost, as if he had long calculated our location! Every time he is able to accurately grasp the location of our appearance. To want to ambush him, this task is too difficult!” Lin Nuo bitterly smiled.

Du Sha hesitated, then realised it was indeed so.

The group could not help but return to a loss state yet again.

The four of them could be considered famous people within the Azure Phoenix. But in this tiny White Deer academy, they had really encountered such a difficult issue. If such a situation was passed back to the Azure Phoenix academy,  then they would be laughed at by countless people, and this incident would be nailed upon the humiliation pole.

“We can only give it a try. I feel that this person is extremely considerate of the two female white Deer students in the North path. Why don’t the four of us, focus all our offensive energy in this canyon path and bait that person out to decide victory there and then.” Du Sha abruptly stood up, his face filled with a murderous intent.

After a slight hesitation, the three people all nodded their heads in agreement.

They had a desperate and ridiculous sensation that they were people attempting everything in a crisis, like a patient turning to any doctor at all when critically ill. They pretended the dead horse was alive and treated it as such**.




*It’s from a Chinese poem.




**Chinese idiom, doing everything in a desperate situation.




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