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IGE – 082

Here’s the daily dosage of IGE for you guys ! Enjoy reading ! 😀

And my god, I wish you guys can read Chinese….the latest chapter of IGE made me tear up….Hopefully, I can catch up soon so we can all enjoy it 😀


Here’s the link to the chapter!

Chapter 82

As usual, translated and edited by yours truly!



  1. I really wish I could read Chinese, Thank you for making us jealous ): Make it up to us by releasing more chapters 😛

    btw I think there is something wrong with your server for the past few days, I keep getting this error “Error establishing a database connection“. Accessing, navagating and commenting really takes a lot of effort because of this problem, I really hope you can fix this soon

  2. tear up as in sad, or laughs, cause me no like feels chapters, the feels train has already stamped my ticket more than ten times.

  3. Tears of joy for the death of the jiang girl please.

  4. is the latest chapter tragedy? I need to prepare myself if it is.

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