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IGE – 114

So, I have some bad news for you guys.  🙁

Because of how busy I am in real life, I am going to reduce the number of chapters per week from seven a week to five a week. If there are anyone that have been following my translations from the beginning, they would have realised that I said I would only do four chapters a week initially. But I made myself do one every day because of how much the readers seemed to enjoy reading IGE. Sorry I can’t keep the pace of a chapter every day, I hope that everyone can understand.

So the schedule now will be releases on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday with Tuesday and Sunday being break days. Note that this schedule may fluctuate, but I will be sure to release five chapters a week for sure. 😀

In other good news, here’s chapter 114 and the end of this arc!


Chapter 114


The second arc is my favourite arc so far (there’s only three :P) and probably the arc the made IGE popular in Zongheng. I hope that everyone will enjoy it like I did 😀




  1. i don’t mind it, rl is important too

  2. Awww~~ It’s okay Aran, 5 a week still fulfill my addiction 😛
    Thanks for the chap!

  3. Thanks for your work!!!
    To me even if you start doing only 3 chapters per week or less i still would be content, only don’t drop it.
    And there seems to be some problem with the site. I often see this “Error establishing a database connection”

  4. i don’t really mind as long as their is a single update in a week ^ ^

  5. Thanks for the new chapter Aran.
    RL is first always

  6. Take your time. Real life comes first. We love you all the same

  7. I wish others *slow pace* consisted of 5 days a week! Do what you gotta do first!

  8. Robert The Addled

    February 21, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    Just introduced to IGE on 2/20, promptly read to current – good read and thanks for the chapters.

  9. thank you very much for the chapter

  10. Thanks for the chap

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