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IGE – 127 (Regular chapter)

Here’s the second regular chapter of the week 😀


Chapter 127



I also did the third episode of Ze Tian Ji, you can check it out below.


Ze Tian Ji episode 3


As usual, translated and edited by me 😀



  1. Yuki Appreciates the Hard work !

  2. Thanks for the new chapter

  3. I was wondering how the author would get his power to explode up.

    When they mentioned people with 90+ spirit springs and how that impacted their level later (as well as basically calling them gods), even if Ye Qingyu’s spirit springs were more impressive than others of the same level, he’d still need to create a lot of them before he hits bitter sea stage. At the rate of his previous progression, that would take forever in the story before he ever got to bitter sea. I know it’s only 15 (when we are talking about 90+) but perhaps there will be other events that help propel him forward in the future as well.

    As for the people at the academy, I imagine even the geniuses in the 4th year don’t have that many springs so he’s now far exceeded anything the school could do for him.

    Thanks for the chapter! This was a fun one. And now the story is interesting me enough to donate.

    • Aran

      March 9, 2016 at 9:57 pm

      Wow. :0 Thanks for donating so much! The story only gets better from here so stay tuned. I’ll do my best to clear the bar ASAP 😀 Thank you so much!

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