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IGE – 132 (Regular chapter)

Regular chapter for the day, and the fourth regular chapter for the week! 😀 Will release another chapter later today, so stay tuned for that.


Note: No mistakes has been made. The author number the chapters wrong and never went back to correct it. XD Chapter 131 does not exist. This is ‘chapter 131’


Chapter 132




As usual, translated and edited by yours truly.



  1. Where is chapter 131?

  2. You should name this chapter 131-132 so people who fail to read your announcement won’t be confused by the “jump”…
    Well, it’s their fault if they end up confused but still… 😀

  3. it sure sounds funny, when looking at the chapter index and chapter 131 just doesn’t exist ;D

  4. hey just wanted to tell you but your translated work is being published on wattpad
    though i dont know if you gave them your permission
    its 7 th best in the fantasy section
    although the description tells your link but i think the people are still reading it thinking that it is his book

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