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IGE – 169, 170, 171

First thing first, many thanks to Nicholas Knapp for donating even when I’m on holiday. Much thanks and appreciation and thanks for supporting the translation of IGE! πŸ˜€

Second thing is a bit of news – both good and bad. The bad news is I’m going to reduce the number of chapters of IGE to four a week. πŸ™ This leads on to my good news though. The reason I’m doing this is because a friend of mine is interested in translating, and I’m going to dedicate some of my translation time to helping her translate and edit her chapters. The series she’s translating is super interesting too so I’m sure you’ll love it!

Here’s the first three chapters in a while!


Chapter 169


Chapter 170


Chapter 171



Aran, over and out ! :d





  1. are you going to tell us what your friend is going to be translating and put a link to the novel.

  2. Aran!! I miss you!!
    Tnx for all the chapter!

  3. Thanks for the translation… Btw what is the novel ur frnd is translating..?

  4. Thanks for the chapters.

  5. Aran-san, missed ya!!! nice to have yo back! thank you for the chapters!

  6. Thanks for tranalating and sticking up with us ungrateful and greedy leechers!!!

  7. Thats the friend flag not boyfriend flag… Aran, you must understand, you put friend flag.

    Ok end of mischieving and thank you for new chapters. πŸ˜‰

  8. as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

  9. Amazing chapter πŸ˜€

  10. Welcome back and thanks for the chapter and what type of novel will your friend translate?

  11. is all ok? i didnt see any updates and thanks for translating! πŸ˜€

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