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IGE – 185 (Sponsored chapter)

Thank you for the sponsors for this extra chapter: Noah N., Markus M. and Pedro P! Thank you guys for supporting this chapter and enabling this release!

This is the fifth and final chapter of the week! 🙂

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Chapter 185



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  1. ke ke ke, this’s mc hell smooth !

  2. Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  3. Thank you! It’s been a while but man I love this novel. 🙂 Thanks again for translating.

  4. noooooo why it was the last chapter of the week!!! im not ready!! lets back to the first week

  5. Could someone explain how that ending made any sense at all? He went through all that bs not wanting to get anything started between the sects and also not to stick his neck out again with the whole tallest tree in the forest comment.

    Then he decides to not just agree with that stupid comment but say it himself. Making himself look like an arrogant sob who’s in a high position and doesn’t put the sects in his eyes angering all the sects now that his friend has arrived.

    • Think it’s more of he’ll “try” not standing out. He is an Asura. If they didn’t keep bothering him thinking they’re the shit and then put “poison” in the wine cup, he wouldn’t even bother. But people like to keep crossing his bottom line and release the Asura

  6. If he continues on and doesn’t clear up the situation then i’m lost on what the point of the last few chapters was.

  7. thank you awesome sponsors!
    thank you IGE team!

  8. When is the next chapter? Because you said last chapter of the week on a monday.. And ofc thanks alot! =)

  9. Love this novel… I would cry if you ever stopped translating it so pls dont stop 😀

  10. Thanks bro 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

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