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IGE – 199, 200 (Regular Chapter)

Hey everyone, apologies for the lateness (yet again xD)

I’m aware I missed a chapter last week, so this time there will be 5 chapters in total to make up for this.

Here’s two chapters to tide you over for now, more coming tonight 😀


I’ve also just realised I’ve hit the 200 mark for IGE! I’ve spent roughly 1000 hours on this project, I can hardly believe it myself xD. Would never have imagined I would do so much when I started roughly nine months ago! Here’s to another two hundred chapters 😀


Also much thanks to Carl B. for donating! Thank you for your continued support of IGE! 😀 😀 The donation bar is now over halfway full!


As usual, much love for my editors! <3


Nica S



Chapter 199

Chapter 200


Over and out,




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  1. devilsadvocate6

    July 6, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    you have really worked hard aran-san!! *BOWS*
    thank you for your hard work! ^^
    congratz on the milestone

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