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IGE -215

Many thanks to Sengratana S. for his donation! Much love and appreciation!


Afraid I have some bad news for you all – I’ve a camping trip this weekend, and the weekend is where I actually have time to do all my translation 🙁 So I’m afraid I’ll be missing a week of chapters this week. My apologies, and it should all be back to normal next week.

Edited by Suijin (The pokemon master ) and Mike!!!

Chapter 215


Over and out, Aran




  1. While you’re there. Find a ryhorn! or a herd of bulbasaurs!

  2. devilsadvocate6

    July 22, 2016 at 7:27 am

    hmm, i technically hear about pokemon go all the time, i need to try it once
    i just got too caught up with rocket league

  3. are you going to drop IGE? 🙁
    its not that im pessimistic but …. its going down a lot from the time where you were translating it non stop…
    i find a bit sad since i like this LN much more than the other your translating , but then again its your choice.

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