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IGE – 239, 240

Hey, everyone. Once again, my apologies for the late updates – it’s been really, really hectic on my end with many work/personal issues the past few weeks. There’s not really a excuse for it, but I just wanted to say sorry to everyone for disappointing you people for my failure to fulfil the schedule I set out.

That’s the first order of business, the second of business is to say I’m going to have to drop my commitment to translate four chapters a week. Due to this, I’ll also stop taking sponsored chapters for IGE (IDS is still fine, if you want to donate to the amazing Selda :D) as I’m not sure I’ll be able the extra chapters. I’m not going to commit to another regular schedule for a month or two until I get everything stabilised (expect at least a couple of chapters a week though, it just won’t be fixed).

The third order of business is – editors recruitment! I’m in need of editors for both IGE and IDS – please leave an email in the comments (gmail preferably) if you’re interested, and I’ll contact you. No experience needed, just commitment and good grasp of the English language!

That’s all guys – once again my apologies and hopefully everything gets sorted real soon. I’ll  keep you guys updated.


Here’s two chapters of IGE 😀


Chapter 239 


Chapter 240



  1. Give us at least one chapter a week till you can stabilize your work load and catch up from there.. As long as you are not dropping IGE we are all fine. Thank you for the chapters

    • Even if he is dropping the series, you will be fine. It is a good series but people have things that are more important some times. Your comment sounds pretty entitled.

  2. Thank you for the chapter 😀

  3. Sure thing mate! Go on, everything online will be fine. =)

  4. that’s how it’s spelled not bagel420. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thanks for the chapter’s and I would like to know the requirement for an editing job , if it’s just a good grasp of English or much more

  6. thanks for the chapters!

  7. Link- The immortal cultivator of Hyrule

    September 26, 2016 at 9:50 pm

    Hey, I’m also able to do the editor recruitment. I’m a native speaker, and I have my own novels. You can check them out at royal road, but if you read them you’ll also find that I am not the most reliable person to contact during summer break. If you want me to edit something, shoot me an email at, and I’ll give it a shot. Oh btw, my stories are called ‘Ability’ and ‘The Elements of Terra’

    Thanks for the chapters!

  9. I am available for editing. Contact me @:

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