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IGE – 243

Here we go, a chapter of IGE. Will be more soon 😀

I’m aiming to release a chapter of IGE every day for this week; look forward to it. 🙂


Edited by the amazing Mike 😀


Chapter 243



  1. YEAH ITS back.
    thank you

  2. Thanks for the Chapter.

  3. Thank you and please don’t stop.

  4. I only came to this site for Imperial God Emperor, when I saw you were still translating it I was very happy, than i didn’t see any chapters for a while, thankfully you said you were going to start again and stated when to expect them..I appreciate the IGE chapters we get, I really do but this is the second time, you didn’t do what you said you’d do, which is your business, I dont mean any offence. I just wanted to ask if you can please leave a post updating whats going on in hopes of not checking for new chapters pointlessly.

    Thanks again for translating.


  5. UngratefulF5Secter

    October 30, 2016 at 4:51 am

    I looked forward for nothing =(

  6. *release a chapter of IGE one day this week

  7. Thanks for your hard work …
    I will waiting for the next chapter with fire burn in my heart XD ….
    So hurry up with your good work !

  8. Reappears after 3 weeks
    Posts one chapter
    “aiming to release a chapter of IGE every day for this week”
    *dissappears again*

    2 weeks and counting :V

    • That’s usually the case, bro. Aran’s method of keeping track of time is different from the rest of us earthlings. I’m fairly certain a single day is 30-40 hours for him. So, ‘tomorrow’ for us is really in a couple of days.

      That the rest of these chapters have disappeared while he still has time to TLC for IDS… not really surprising.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely thankful that Aran takes time out of his day/week/month to translate this for us.

      I just wish he would stop giving notice of ‘more coming tomorrow’ or ‘more this week’ when it’s obviously always false.

    • Indeed… -.-

  9. why you lieing
    bitch whhhyyy you liiie

  10. I don’t care about the chapters, but he told me to look forward to it. So I keep on checking …

  11. Are you doing 1 release peer month??

  12. Hey man, is everything alright?
    Would love to hear something from you, you don’t have to force yourself to pump out chapters 🙂

  13. what happen? are you not translating this anymore :'( cause its been so long and still no new update

  14. Your words are like fart

  15. Not a lie, they simply aimed yet still missed. Kinda wish they didn’t. It seems like the tl is playing favorites, even if not it is their right. Don’t know but will still look forward to a new chapter probably next year at this rate.

  16. Wish this one would update

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