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IGE – 245

New year, new resolution I guess. It’s been a while, I’ve been really really lacklustre in my release of IGE…… resolution will be to do more. Sorry guys.


Chapter 245





  1. i was in love with ige. A love that isnt there anymore =\

  2. Stocking it now. 🙂 Pleasure to see your post Aran. Hope you’ve had a fantastic Christmas and will have a hopeful new year.

  3. fell in love with the story but update rate is too slow …
    please update faster ! 🙂

    but thanks for chapters anyway ! 😀

  4. finally!! i am s happy to at last see a new chapter of IGE. i hope your resolution this time is true. i appreciate all the work you do and hope you continue to give us more IGE.

  5. what happened to your New Year resolution ?!!!

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