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IGE – 245

New year, new resolution I guess. It’s been a while, I’ve been really really lacklustre in my release of IGE…… resolution will be to do more. Sorry guys.


Chapter 245





  1. i was in love with ige. A love that isnt there anymore =\

  2. Stocking it now. 🙂 Pleasure to see your post Aran. Hope you’ve had a fantastic Christmas and will have a hopeful new year.

  3. fell in love with the story but update rate is too slow …
    please update faster ! 🙂

    but thanks for chapters anyway ! 😀

  4. finally!! i am s happy to at last see a new chapter of IGE. i hope your resolution this time is true. i appreciate all the work you do and hope you continue to give us more IGE.

  5. I hope this gets picked up into the Wuxiaworld machine someday. The translator is great and the story is so good.

  6. I don’t want to judge whether or not the current situation is due to greed or truly is because you’ve lost the passion this project started with. However, no matter the reason, the fact that this novel is being neglected doesn’t change. I think a lot of us loved this novel, loved, past tense. If you loved it perhaps you should consider handing it off, because it deserves better, and so do the readers that appreciate it.

  7. what happened to your New Year resolution ?!!!

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