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IGE – Fan made four strip manga


IGE little manga...this is a fan made four stripe about IGE.


Jiang Xiaohan: People’s hearts can change. Little junior sister right now like to eat chicken but it does not mean that when she grow’s up, she also likes to eat chicken?

Ye Qingyu: Whatever she likes is her own business, I will be happy for her!

Jiang Xiaohan: Stop pretending! Ye Qingyu, you are a schemer!

Ye Qingyu: What do you know about me…

Song Xiaojun: Stop! You two…I can’t eat anymore!


So this four strip manga is something I recently discovered. It’s made by a fan, here’s his weibo, you can check out his work:

The funny story behind this is the fact that the author of the novel (Warring blades), portrays the character Jiang Xiaohan in a negative light throughout the story. However there is also a real life actor called Jiang Xiaohan -the fans of Jiang Xiaohan, seeing this, sent death threats to the author, accompanied by death money (money that you burn to the dead). Prior to this, the author was not even aware of the existence of a real life actor called Jiang Xiaohan, but this incident has made the rounds so much that someone decided to draw a four strip manga of the relationship between Jiang Xiaohan, Ye Qingyu and Song Xiaojun.


Anyway, I’m not sure if this stuff is interesting or not to you, but I’ve decided to post it anyway. Hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about it. There’s also lots of things happening regarding the real life tv adaptation such as cast choices – would this be something that would interest you guys?  ^^


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  1. :O Arent they overreacting LOL

  2. Real life tv adaptation? I would surely watch it, when english subs are available ^^

    • Aran

      January 9, 2016 at 10:49 am

      It’ll probably come out in 2017, but I’ll definitely attempt to sub it when it comes out!

  3. Wait, you mean to say they’re making a TV adaptation of a xanxia?

    • Aran

      January 9, 2016 at 11:54 am

      Yeah 😀 I don’t know whether it will be any good, but my fingers are crossed. They’re investing over a 100 million into this so it should be a pretty large production 😀

  4. Cool and funny, and those radical fans should have something better to do. Just a name and a little spotlight and we already have death threats involved.

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