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IDS 104, 105, 106

Here we go my friends, the three chapters of IDS for last week. Apologies for the slight delay in getting it out.


Chapter 104

Chapter 105

Chapter 106


Enjoy! 😀

Translated by Selda, TLCed by Aran


IDS – 98 – 103

Sorry guys, was on a training course and unable to edit/TLC the chapters Selda sent me. However I’ve done it now – so here are the six chapters for the last two weeks that I’ve missed 😀 Nothing has been missed, rest assured.


Chapter 98

Chapter 99

Chapter 100

Chapter 101

Chapter 102

Chapter 103



Enjoy!!!! Translated by Selda, TLCed by Aran


IDS – 96, 96, 97

Here we go my friends, the three chapters from last week. My apologies for it being slightly late!


Chapter 95

Chapter 96

Chapter 97


Translated by Selda, TLCed by Aran!




IGE – 244

Hey everyone, its a chapter of IGE for the first time in a while. There’s no excuse really, just lack of time to translate properly these days and general laziness – been reading other xianxias instead of translating IGE XD. I’ll try harder to release it more frequently :/


Chapter 244


Edited by Mike 🙂


IDS – 92, 93, 94

Many thanks to the donations of Carl B. and Ebay S.! <3 Much love and appreciation my friends, thanks for supporting the website! 😀

Here we go, all three chapters from last week all at once 😀


Chapter 92

Chapter 93

Chapter 94


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