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IDS – 184

Here we go, first chapter of the week 🙂 Enjoy!


Chapter 184


IDS – 183

Here we go, third and final chapter of the week!

Sadly there’s a scene shift this chapter, but rest assured you guys are sure to enjoy what happens in the next 3…. 🙂


Chapter 183


IDS – 182

Here we go, chapter 182 ! Action about to pick up…… 🙂


Chapter 182


IDS – 181

Here we go friends, after the mass release is over with, we are back with our regular schedule. First chapter of the week 🙂


Chapter 181


IDS – 177,178.179.180

Here’s another four chapters! With this, we’ve finally caught up to the backlog of chapters that I’ve built up over the last two months ( 🙁 no more batch releases for a while).

There however will still be the three regular chapters a week 🙂

Let me know what you guys think about the story so far – action is about to pick up 😉


Chapter 177

Chapter 178

Chapter 179

Chapter 180


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